No Dan, Don’t Do It!

Dan Cruce


Consider this a “blind” item.  But we are still picking up the pieces the last time Dan Cruce was involved in state matters.  I don’t think the children of Delaware could afford to have Markell’s former right-hand Dan behind the scenes again.  I wasn’t in the scene back when you were around Dan, but I did tackle a ton of your initiatives after the fact.  Just sayin…

One thought on “No Dan, Don’t Do It!

  1. Dan Cruce is a train wreck. We should definitely start this campaign against his getting a foothold in Delaware Politics.

    I will never forget a solid Republican called me up one day and told me I had to do an expose on Dan ‘the Closer’ Cruce as he was going up and down the state bullying school boards and arm twisting them by threats of stripped state funding if they didn’t immediately sign on to Race to the Top. He was Markell’s heavy. And when he was an underling in Christina District staff – land acquisition dept. he was on the team for Joey Wise that purchased the building that became a white elephant and only sold off a few months ago to Dole.

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