Missing The Friend I Never Met

Delaware Bloggers

It has been five months since my friend disappeared.  That is a long time.  I haven’t seen a trace of my friend ever since.  What black hole swallowed up my friend never to been seen or heard from again?

I miss Kavips.  I am assuming Kavips is a he but the reality is I have no clue.  On November 17th, shortly after America awoke to the new reality called President Trump, Kavips wrote his swan song.  A final coda to his opus.  I wonder what he is up to these days.  If he is blogging under another name or just enjoying life.  I hope it is the latter.  I understand all too well how blogging can suck you in and leave you feeling empty some days.  How it nips away at your soul as you crawl through the sewers looking for any semblance of light.  Kavips was one of those lights emerging out of the darkness.  I didn’t always agree with him on every single issue, but we had commonalities that ignored the differences.

The selfish part of me wants Kavips to return.  But in my heart, I know he had his reasons for taking his exit when he did.  I miss you Kavips and I hope everything is going well for you!


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