Jack Markell Under Investigation By Ed Authorities ***Debunked***April Fool’s Day***

Governor Markell

Well, that didn’t take long.  It turns out former Delaware Governor Jack Markell is under investigation.  I can’t say I’m surprised given some of his questionable activities concerning education during his term as Delaware Governor of the First State.  It’s like I’ve always said, Delaware is the first to sign the constitution but the last to follow it.  But what is he under investigation for?

That seems to be the million dollar question running around Dover these days.  But it turns out he forgot to sign three of the forms during the Race To The Top competition back in 2010.  Because of that, Delaware has defaulted on the $119 million they received from the United States Department of Education and they are required to give it back immediately.  With the state already facing a $385 million dollar deficit, that has now mushroomed to $504 million.  So my predictions of the deficit going over half a billion dollars were correct.

Was it a simple clerical error or did Markell intentionally not sign pages 42, 68, and 103 of the RTTT application?  That is what Betsy DeVos and the fine folks at Fed Ed want to know.

Remember this day folks!

Updated, 9:01pm, 4/1/17: What is today?  It is April Fool’s Day.  From what I can see on social media, far too many people believed this was real.  Do you really think the U.S. Department of Education is going to audit the original Race To The Top applications?  And if memory serves, state Governors did not have to sign every single page.  This is NOT REAL folks!

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