Breaking News Shocker: Board Member Resigns From Christina Board of Education

Christina Board of Education

A Christina School District Board of Education member unexpectedly resigned from the board.  Which one?Meg Mason.  In a letter dated today from Interim Superintendent Noreen LaSorsa, Mason tended her resignation from the Christina Board of Education.

This throws the makeup of the board into disarray.  Mason was frequently a swing vote for both sides of what appear to be a divided board at times.  Board member Shirley Saffer’s seat is up for grabs in the May school board elections.  With Mason’s resignation, this could radically change the way this board votes on future action items.

Mason won the seat uncontested in last year’s board elections.  Her term expires in 2021.  The board could do this a few different ways.  They could request a special election from the Department of Elections.  They could appoint someone to Mason’s seat until the 2018 board elections and then have an election for her seat until it expires in 2021.

The big question is why would an elected board member resign after not even serving on the board for a full year?  Was there some type of tension on the board?  There could be a myriad of reasons but the timing of this, right before a normal board seat election, raises many questions…



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