Yes Majority In Indian River’s 2nd Referendum Attempt

The Indian River School District passed their referendum today.  According to The News Journal, voters passed the expense measure with 7,095 yes votes.  5,394 voted no.

The vote comes exactly 100 days after the district’s first attempt to pass a current expense referendum failed by a mere 30 votes back on Nov. 22, 2016.

The referendum came as a result of unprecedented growth within the district, interim superintendent Mark Steele said.

Earlier this week, voters in the Colonial School District did not pass their referendum measures.  Like Christina, Brandywine, and Indian River in the past couple of years, Colonial will assuredly take another stab at it.  For the Indian River, the district is no doubt breathing a sigh of relief after a contentious year which saw their Chief Financial Officer resign in controversy and a painful audit investigation which showed a great deal of financial issues in the district.

3 thoughts on “Yes Majority In Indian River’s 2nd Referendum Attempt

  1. BS, should be one parcel one vote! This is on the back of the property owners, if you rent and use the public school system, YOU should be paying school taxes!


  2. AND, this should be done during the summer, when the shore birds are in town. Delaware will never change as long as it’s a Demo state!


  3. I am so relieved it passed! I have decided to become more involved in our school system here in Delaware. I have learned a TON of information on the hows and whys of having a referendum, school budgets, the Indian River School District and some things on the State and Federal level.


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