Colonial School District Referendum Measures Fail

Colonial School District

The Colonial School District held a referendum today for voters of the district to vote on two measures.  Both failed to garner a majority of the vote according to the New Castle County Department of Elections:

For additional tax Against additional tax
Total 2,193 2,733

For authority to issue bonds
Building For the bond issue Against the bond issue
Total 2,067 2,961

Back to the drawing board for the district.  This happened with Brandywine last year.  Their first referendum failed but the second attempt passed.  Indian River will hold their second referendum in so many months on Thursday.  Last year, Christina passed a referendum on their 3rd attempt after two others failed the previous year.  And so it goes…

2 thoughts on “Colonial School District Referendum Measures Fail

  1. They should have to wait a year for their next referendum. They need to make sacrifices and not say Immediately; “we are going to have to make teacher cuts.” That’s just a cop out and BS!


  2. As a student in the colonial school district, I would be pleased to say that I believe that they should not be cutting teachers just to help when it comes to taxes. If they believe it’s important to give children a better education, they would not be doing this. They would both cut out extra curricular classes out of the way, including dance, art, and so much more. They would also be turning about 20 kids in a class to 40 kids in a class. This is truly despicable. Not only that, but this would possibly throw teachers out to the road, along with their children, since nowadays, it’s quite difficult to find a well paying job, and many teachers rely on this money for themselves, and whatever family they have.


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