Delaware Auditor’s Office Issues Follow-Up Report To Indian River School District Audit Investigation

The Delaware State Auditor, Tom Wagner, released a follow-up today to the Indian River School District audit investigation.  The original report, released days before the district’s December referendum, showed very damning allegations against the district’s former Chief Financial Officer Patrick Miller.  Today’s memorandum from Wagner came out before another referendum the district will be holding on March 2nd.  While the follow-up shows significant improvement there are still some areas of concern as shown in the below report.

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Kevin Ohlandt

I am a proud parent of a son with Tourette's Syndrome and several other co-morbidities. I write on this blog to educate other parents so they know a bit more about not only special education, but all the really bad things that are happening with public schools in Delaware and the USA. We are all in this together, and if our children aren't able to advocate for themselves it's up to us parents! We need to stop letting companies run our schools, and demand our children get a proper education. Our Departments of Education in our states have become weak with fear from the bullying US DOE, and we need to take back our schools!

2 thoughts on “Delaware Auditor’s Office Issues Follow-Up Report To Indian River School District Audit Investigation”

  1. I’ve learned quite a bit about school finances over the past few months and I commend Indian River School District for starting the process of gaining the public trust back. Because it has only been 3 months, I think they need to be given a bit more time to get on track. They are doing a great job though, in my opinion.

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  2. This is what is needed across the board. All the districts should have an audit done, before any referendum is voted on. And, there should be a year, before voting on another referendum! They should make sure that they don’t make temporary changes, just to do a show of effort!


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