New Faces In The Delaware House Education Committee

The Delaware 149th General Assembly goes back into session next Tuesday, January 10th.  The Delaware House of Representatives leadership picked the members for their committees.  Some surprising changes are going on with the House Education Committee.

Long-time member Mike Ramone is no longer on the committee.  Taking is place will be newly-elected State Rep. Charles Postles.  Also joining the committee from the Republican side is Rep. Ruth Briggs-King.  On the Democrat side, Rep. Melanie Smith is also joining bringing the total membership to 16 members, two more than earlier years.  Rep. Earl Jaques is still the Chair will Rep. Kim Williams will remain as Vice-Chair.

In January of 2015, Speaker of the House Pete Schwartzkopf removed Rep. John Kowalko from the committee which caused a very public airing of resentment from Kowalko.  He is not happy he was not put back on the committee this year and informed me he put that as his number one priority when House legislators were asked to submit their picks for this year.

The House Education Committee meets every Wednesday during legislative session unless they are on recess at various times in the next six months.  To see the complete of all House committee memberships, please read below.  The Senate committees do not show up with members at present on their website.

With a mounting deficit projected to begin at $350 million dollars, all committees in the General Assembly will have their work cut out for them this year.  For education, will the state face education cuts as expenses skyrocket?  The General Assembly will be walking a tightrope with Governor John Carney in the next six months!

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