President Obama’s Office Releases Massive “Rethinking Discipline” Report For Schools

Today, the White House released a very long report on school discipline entitled “The Continuing Need to Rethink Discipline”.  The report has a plethora of recommendations for public schools in America.  I agree with most of them based on a cursory glance, but like many reports of this nature that I write about, it fails to recognize the fact that Common Core State Standards or other similar standards along with the high-stakes testing environment accompanying those standards are causing more problems than they are worth in our schools.  I will write more about this as I go through the report in the coming days.

The Every Student Succeeds Act addresses school discipline and how our schools carry out punishment for negative behaviors.  On Monday evening, the ESSA Discussion Group I am a member of in Delaware addressed this very issue.  As well, a Delaware newspaper is working on an extensive article about bullying in Delaware and how our schools respond to bullying reporting.

It remains unclear how the incoming Trump administration will view this report.

For now, please read the below report.


One thought on “President Obama’s Office Releases Massive “Rethinking Discipline” Report For Schools

  1. I would SH*&* twice and die if the ANY of the Demorats in DE or the current administration did ANYTHING about discipline or bullying in the state ?? They are the ONES that created this MONSTER so , I seriously doubt they will do a thing to change it !! They like is this way !! It is called a Socialist Government School System!! The dedicated, GREAT parents have NO rights and then you have the parents that don’t give a flying CR*& about their kids , and neglect them, so they become little monsters that BULLY the good kids!! This is the situation our DE demorat politicians created !! Our schools are packed like sardines and meanwhile our kids are not learning what they need to learn , not prospering , and the kids that come from broken ,dysfunctional , and neglected homes are getting worse because they have NOT enough supervision, therapy or attention !! Thanks to No Child Left Behind Act , and Common Core Inc. Two concepts that REALLY mean that our MANY our DEMORATS in this state care about MONEY more and NOTHING about education !! I know this VERY well !! ❤


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