Do You Want To Believe?

Corporate Education Reform

Belief is a funny thing.  Some people need to see something splattered all over newspapers and major news outlets to believe something is real.  Others just need to hear one thing to think something is true.  When it comes to education, what do you believe?

I recently had a conversation with someone who told me I was a conspiracy theorist.  That what I am saying about the vast plans that have been going on with education and what is to come is nothing more than that.  That I have no basis to prove my theories whatsoever.  This person also informed me they don’t care about my theories and they have more important things to do with their life.  I encouraged this person to do some research on their own and to come up with their own conclusions.  When you talk about the agendas for public education to someone who is not deeply engrossed in the minutiae of what has been going on, it is very easy to sound like a crackpot.  It won’t be the first time someone has expressed that I am crazy or wearing a tin hat.  I’m sure it won’t be the last.  But as I left that person, they were on Google looking up “Common Core conspiracy theories”.

To an outside observer, many of us who do the research with corporate education reform do sound crazy.  But they haven’t poured through contracts and websites, or followed the money to see where billions of dollars are going.  They haven’t read everything we have.  They can’t accept how deep the tentacles reach.  That this involves much more than education and has ties with the U.S. Departments of Defense, Health and Human Services, and Labor.  That what is going on in public education will redefine society as we know it and strip away substantial rights of citizens in the future.  It sounds so crazy it would have to be a conspiracy theory, right?  And that is exactly what they are counting on, these masters of wealth and foundations, these billionaires who throw money around like it was nothing.  “But these foundations do good things,” I’ve heard.  Of course they do.  They help people around the globe.  If all they did was fund Common Core and personalized learning and education technology, it would be MUCH easier for people to follow the trail.

Our country is run by corporations.  I can’t make people see this.  I can’t make them understand that politicians are bought and sold like discounted goods on Black Friday.  I can’t make them see the major media blackout on so much that is really going on.  I hear so many people say “You can’t believe what you read on the Internet or on blogs.”  I’ve seen it myself.  There is a ton of bad information out there.  I’ve published bad information before based on bad information or a misunderstanding.  It happens.  But when all the same trails lead to the same conclusions repeatedly, after a while the truth sinks in.  It’s not like a lot of these companies are hiding what they want to do with data.  They are announcing it on their websites or pushing it with policy briefs for the Every Student Succeeds Act.  But who has the time to look at all that?  If I weren’t hip to a lot of this stuff, I wouldn’t give any of it the time of day.

It is no longer theory when something has been proven.  It is fact.  And it is a fact that there are corporations and foundations, run by some of the richest people in the world, that want today’s youth and future generations to become servants to their masters.  They will accomplish this through education by turning it into a data tracking system that will affect every facet of their lives: health, careers, outside interests, media, technology, and higher education.  Everyone will be plugged in and led to believe what their lives should be.  The data will tell them so.  Meanwhile, those who aren’t plugged into the Blockchain technology coming our way, the masters, they will happily reap the profits of those who don’t want to believe.

As those who want to save our children from this future, how do we reach those who don’t want to believe?  Who honestly don’t have the time or an inkling of how grand this scheme is?  That it doesn’t matter who is President or this Secretary, they are just following the script written decades ago?

11 thoughts on “Do You Want To Believe?

  1. Are you sure it *starts* with a public education conspiracy? Serious question. If it is all interconnected, perhaps it started elsewhere and education is simply an ancillary battleground.


    1. I didn’t say it “starts” with public education. That is the vessel for delivery. It started with rich and wealthy billionaires getting together and deciding to play with our lives like we are just puppets. It actually “started” with the Dept. of Defense back in the 1990s.


      1. I didn’t say “starts”, dear. I said *starts*, the universally-accepted method to indicated boldfaced type. I’m just asking, because that might explain part of why it isn’t readily obvious to others. Especially if it’s the DoD.


        1. *Starts* or “starts”, I got your emphasis! 🙂 I can’t begin to fathom why parents would not be concerned with a lot of activity that has been going on the past 25+ years with education.


  2. I feel like I’m going out on a limb here:
    it has been shown that, in general, unconsciously, or not, people seek information and news that reinforces their biases- or beliefs. that is especially evident given the recent election cycle, but applies to other arenas as well.

    I don’t think you can “get people to believe” differently in any overt way. Either they seek and find, or they are blindly lead by influences to which they expose themselves.
    Finding truth is no accident.

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      1. but, you, kevin, are a radical, an agent of change. sometimes radicals scare people away; are dismissed, even scorned.
        But isn’t it true that radicals have made some the greatest impacts on human history?
        A radical’s place is to sound the alarm.
        the best response to a radical is to investigate the claims, but most will simply dismiss him.


        1. Or her, LOL! I accept my “radical” position at this point. It is not my intention to scare anyone away. It is my intention to inform and guide people to the truth. But I suppose people are more comfortable with a lie than a truth at times.


  3. It has never been a conspiracy. It is a flat out, obvious money grab by the wealthiest corporatists who couldn’t give two s##ts about education or children. The Gates’ and others of that ilk only see those readily available taxpayer education dollars laying there for the taking and they can certainly afford to hire the Arnies’, Jacks’, Rhees’ and other facilitators of their “conspiracy” to confiscate as much taxpayer money as they can. Time to dump the corporate “tea” into the harbor.

    Representative John kowalko

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