Dramatic Rise in Expulsions, Weapons, Fighting, Pornography, and Drug Use At Delaware Schools

The Delaware Dept. of Education released figures on School Conduct for the 2015-2016 school year.  In nearly every category there was an increase over the 2014-2015 school year.  One notable exception is a decrease in bullying reporting.  I contribute that not to a real decrease in bullying but schools not reporting incidents as bullying.  That has been an ongoing trend in Delaware.  Offensive touching and fighting/disorderly conduct went up dramatically over the year before.  Pornography and Production more than doubled.  These are very disturbing trends.  What is going on in our schools and districts?  What is happening to students that these numbers keep going up and up?  It will be interesting to see these numbers in a year now that legislation passed where schools don’t have to call the police for many incidents such as fighting/disorderly conduct.

I will attempt to break this down by district and charter schools, and then each school.  That is a lot of hours to do, so please be patient.  None of these reports break down sub-groups or demographics in these offenses and incidents.  So we are unable to see the race or ethnic breakdowns for these or if the students were special education or English Language learners.  The first numbers are for the 2015-2016 year followed by numbers from the 2014-2015 year.


Violent Felonies: 137 (138)

Gun-Free School Offenses- Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Starter Gun, Explosives/Incendiary Device: 16 (8)

Weapons Offense: Destructive Weapon, Dangerous Weapon, Dangerous Instrument, Pellet Gun, BB Gun, Knife, Razor Blade/Box Cutter, Brass Knuckles, Bat, Club, Martial Arts Throwing Star: 238 (196)

Drug Offenses: 582 (556)

Assault III: 373 (264)

Unlawful Sexual Contact: 56 (26)

Terroristic Threatening Employee Victim: 0 (0)

School Offenses: 0 (0)



Pornography- Possession and Production: 50 (22)

Criminal Mischief (Vandalism): 434 (316)

Alcohol, Possession and Use: 88 (80)

Drug Use/Influence: 320 (294)

Felony Theft ($1,500 or more): 2 (4)

Bullying: 1,260 (1,320)

Offensive Touching of a Student: 8,156 (6,134)

Terroristic Threatening of a Student: 752 (560)

Sexual Harassment: 272 (246)

Fighting/Disorderly Conduct: 10,450 (8,680)

Inhalants: 10 (2)

Drug Paraphernalia: 176 (148)

Tobacco Possession and/or use: 686 (782)

Medications- Inappropriate Possession and/or use: 58 (56)

Under 12- Assault III Student Victim: 66 (22)

Under 12- Assault III Employee Victim: 22 (22)

Under 12- Unlawful Sexual Contact III Student Victim: 18 (6)

Under 12- Unlawful Sexual Contact III Employee Victim: 2 (0)

Offensive Touching Employee Victim: 1,217 (808)

Terroristic Threatening Employee Victim: 324 (188)

Teen Dating Violence: 6 (8)

Tampering With Public Records: 0 (0)



Suspensions (Out of School and In School): 49,629 (47,473)

Expulsions: 123 (95)

Days Suspended/Expelled: 114,666 (98,020)

Unduplicated Students Suspended/Expelled: 17,258 (16,852)

Student Enrollment (9/30/15): 136,027 (134,932)

Percent of Students Suspended/Expelled (Out of School and In School): 13% (12%)

Suspensions (Out of School): 27,372 (25,151)

Days Out of School for Suspension and Expulsion (one day or more): 89,983 (72,848)

Unduplicated Students Suspended (one day or more) or Expelled: 12,063 (11,557)

Percent of Students Suspended (out of school) or Expelled: 9% (9%)



Department of Education Offenses: 10,359 (8,623)

School Violations: 38,651 (38,292)

School Crimes: 739 (653)



Expulsion with CDAP placement: 54 (44)

Expulsion with services: 45 (31)

Expulsion without services: 24 (20)


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Kevin Ohlandt

I am a proud parent of a son with Tourette's Syndrome and several other co-morbidities. I write on this blog to educate other parents so they know a bit more about not only special education, but all the really bad things that are happening with public schools in Delaware and the USA. We are all in this together, and if our children aren't able to advocate for themselves it's up to us parents! We need to stop letting companies run our schools, and demand our children get a proper education. Our Departments of Education in our states have become weak with fear from the bullying US DOE, and we need to take back our schools!

15 thoughts on “Dramatic Rise in Expulsions, Weapons, Fighting, Pornography, and Drug Use At Delaware Schools”

  1. All is working exactly as planned. The complete destruction of morals and no sense of right from wrong. Read the Communist Manifesto and you will understand what is happening. Again, all by design. Parents better wake the heck up and soon before this entire country is destroyed. And from the behavior of our youth lately I think you can agree. There has been a total break down of the family unit (by design) an all out break down on worship (by design) complete disrespect for God, country, authority and family (by design) and you wonder why this is happening. Parents better get back to the job of being parents instead of buddies.

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  2. If SB 239 becomes law in Delaware, these numbers will explode. About the only thing teachers can do now is call home- if there is a working number, or say, “Stop!”
    Legislators in DE think that is way too much power .

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  3. “Parents better get back to the job of being parents.” While I agree in some instances, putting the oneness on the parents alone is ridiculous. I’m tired of being a very involved parent and hearing this. News flash – the economy sucks and some parents (ok most) have to work 2 sometimes 3 jobs to make ends meet. Kids are being left at daycare or with family and friends. IT TAKES A VILLAGE to raise a child. A village raised me and my brother because our single mom was one of those 3 jobs needed parents. Come up with something more productive than blaming parents. Help provide solutions, not blame. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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    1. 31 years in the classroom tells me otherwise. If that were the case, we would see no diversity of values, behavior, or work ethic in a given geographic area.
      If by ‘community’ you mean parents, extended family, friends, church, etc. such cooperative partnerships are sought after and developed by the nuclear family.


      1. Thank you for your 31 years but your “blame the parents” mentality is a big part of the problem we have now. The differences are there because of the nuclear family but that is not the reason for the increase in these behaviors. We are all to blame and educators are a part of that “we.”


        1. You are very welcome. I am passionate for the less privileged children in our schools. I have mentored students beyond their year in my classroom.
          Your use of “mentality” is a condescending response to one who has made different observations and does not assume responsibilty for the poor choices of multitudes of people unknown to her.
          If you choose to hold yourself accountable for this list of offenses, that’s your choice, or as you might say “mentality”.

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  4. And to prove my point, I take 3 Hispanic children to church with me. The oldest attended a free meal service years ago and was walking to church. As his Sunday School teacher I made the decision to pick him and then his sisters up on Sundays. I have gotten to know their parents and these children now have a stronger foundation and do better in school because of it. Do I expect everyone to go to that level? No but any outreach helps. There is too much selfishness, anger and hate directed towards each other these days. And I have seen teachers, parents, ministers, politicians, etc. say and post very questionable things online. My point is that the failings of the community as a whole is creating these problems. Quit blaming just the parents.


  5. Compromised education is the result of the “Wilmington experiment”. Until a Wilmington only district is re-formed, there will be a spread of gangsta culture infecting every school. PC would not rule in a single culture district. Wilmington would be no nonsense, like Sarah Pyle and the Charters. Let the big money fund it. Red Clay is not a melting pot. Everyone is losing their chance for an education.


  6. 4Equity2 I was not meaning to be condescending but you claiming you have no responsibility for any of the increase in these numbers leads me to belive that maybe it’s time for you to find a new profession. Your belief that you are not responsible for others and that just being an educator is enough and that parents are the only ones at fault is indeed a contributing factor to the current status of our failing educational systems. I think everyone and yes, that includes you, need to take a long hard look at what we are projecting onto our children and each other. Good luck and God bless.


    1. you seem to have a remarkable ability to read the minds of others and pronounce judgements on them. Perhaps you are a prophet, and I, a derelict member of my profession and community.
      But it was you who brought up “blame”.
      Stating that children are a snapshot of their home- a SNAPSHOT- allows for multiple factors of influence. Does it not?

      admonitions to parents are plenteous in the scriptures – for a reason.

      Please stop blaming. it’s just not productive.


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