EastSide Charter & Family Foundations Academy Have No Child Left Behind Goals But Plan To Leave More Students Behind

East Side Charter School, Family Foundations Academy

Aaaron Bass, the new Executive Director of EastSide Charter School and Family Foundations Academy has some very lofty goals for students.  Mirroring the very controversial No Child Left Behind law enacted in 2002, Bass wants all students to be 100% proficient on the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  The difference is Bass’ plans to determine how a child advances in grade levels.  And what method of teaching does Bass prefer?

In their August board meeting, Bass discussed the long-term goals of the school for academics as seen below:


Yes, you saw that.  More kids will not advance to the next grade level at EastSide and FFA.  More Teach For America (which is closely connected with the KIPP background Bass comes from, now that’s a shocker).  I love, just love, how they think TFA provides “better prepared instructors”.  Give me a break!  They pretty much insult University of Delaware by mentioning them in the next line.  What is TFA better prepared at?  Career jumping?

It looks like EastSide and FFA are a corporate education reform paradise!  Do they have all the right qualities?  You decide:

A “foundation” of charter schools? ♦

A glorified love of Teach For America and fast-track teachers? ♦

Puts down other teaching programs that are more effective? ♦

Thinks closing the “achievement gap” is only done with high-stakes tests? ♦

Believes proficiency in a subject is based on a score on a once a year standardized test? ♦

Has a leader from a KIPP/Teach For America background? ♦

Had a former leader who was praised for the school’s “growth” but left when their scores went down on Smarter Balanced? ♦

Had one of their schools get an audit inspection that other former leaders stealing money from the kitty? ♦

Has a high turnaround? ♦

Is willing to hold kids back if they aren’t proficient on the very same high-stakes test? ♦

Is part of a lawsuit with other charters to sue a local school district because they don’t think they are getting enough money? ♦

Their former leader went to another state to lead a “better teacher” program? ♦

Yup, we are coming up diamonds on this!  Looks like a corporate education reform bonanza going on at EastSide/FFA!

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