What The Hell Is This Appo? Data Freaks Much?

Appoquinimink School District

A parent of an Appo student sent me this.  This is the parental consent form for free and reduced lunch.  It’s like the ESEA Flexibility Waivers… “I’ll give you this, but in return I need this and this and this and this…”  Parents, watch what you are signing and do research on how much personal data you are allowing to go out about your child.  Because even if you trust the district, they are putting that information on grant applications, which go out to other agencies.  At that point, the federal law that is meant to “protect” student data, allows that information to go out to other education “research” companies.  Nothing in this world is free.


2 thoughts on “What The Hell Is This Appo? Data Freaks Much?

  1. Parents are fools if they allow the school to feed their children. 1. It is YOUR job yo feed YOUR children 2. The feds use this as a way to collect data 3. The school feeding your children is another brainwashing technique that creates the illusion for our children that the government will take care of you because your parents can’t. Sorry but even the poorest can afford to feed their kids. There is EBT and every county has food banks. I think parents are just too lazy and would prefer someone else do their job. This is the result of the same brainwashing they too have been exposes too as well.


  2. Feeling resentful brackenkaren? Let me guess, you cheated on an app and got caught during verification? Btw – if a family is on EBT their child is direct certified for free meals. And I’ve served kids over the years who had no idea they were receiving free meals. They really thought mom or dad was paying for it. In our field we don’t throw kids under the bus by telling them that m+m dad or grandma is too poor to afford to feed you.

    Kevin, what u have Is one piece of the USDA standard app for free-reduced benefits. This is a fairly optional page. A district or charter may choose to not create any options. These programs that receive the data are supposed to be school or district efforts. I know one school that used it to gauge which families couldn’t afford uniforms.

    You get the idea.

    One very important fact – the free and reduced data, the names of the children in the program cannot be identified to anyone outside food service unless parent gives consent on this form. The exception is usually NEAP but that is done only if directed by DOE.


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