The Man Who Wants To Expand Charter School of Wilmington Models Across New Castle County

Charter School of Wilmington

Kevin Dombrowski wants the Charter School of Wilmington model to expand around New Castle County according to an article by the Delaware Business Times yesterday.  Dombrowski works in Wilmington as the Senior Vice President of Global Business Development for Morningstar Inc.  The article was about his selection as an honoree of the DBT40, which are 40 emerging Delaware businesss leaders and innovators.  Dombrowski has also been heavily involved with the KIPP charter school chain.  He currently serves on the Leadership Council for KIPP Philadelphia Schools and was a board member at KIPP Chicago for three years from 2009-2011 according to his LinkedIn account.

I would work to remove the barriers in place to practical educational reform in Delaware. Specifically, I would remove restrictions on new charter school developments and build out a plan to launch several new versions of the Charter School of Wilmington throughout New Castle County to meet the excess student demand and to provide more exceptional public school options for families in the area.

Now I’m not sure how much Mr. Dombrowski follows education in Delaware.  I’m not sure if he is aware CSW has long been mentioned as a very controversial school based on their selective enrollment preferences.  I don’t know if he knows even the Delaware Dept. of Education will not consider CSW as a reward school based on those preferences (something that seems to have escaped their notice with Newark Charter School, but I digress).  I don’t think New Castle County could survive replication of Charter School of Wilmington as a chain of sorts.  Unless, of course, they did away with those selective enrollment preferences that result in very low numbers of minorities (except Asians), students with disabilities, and low-income students.   Then, and only then, would we be able to measure the true success of CSW.  Mr. Dombrowski, were you aware that CSW was one of the named schools in the American Civil Liberties Union complaint filed with the U.S. Office of Civil Rights?


7 thoughts on “The Man Who Wants To Expand Charter School of Wilmington Models Across New Castle County

  1. Boy they just cannot wait to get rid of elected school boards and traditional public schools. This WILL result in no Choice and no VOICE. Just ask parents in New Orleans. Charters are sold on lies and deception. Follow the money and lust for control of our children’s thoughts to the real agenda behind the push for Charters. It has NOTHING to do with better education or offering parents choice.


  2. Show Dombrowski those pie charts from your previous article and warn him that to reproduce the Wilmington Charter School model we’d have to import quite a few Asians and Caucasians from out of state to maintain that existing diversity (or lack thereof)
    Representative John Kowalko

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    1. Typical of the masked racism Kowalko and you have. You presume that a school intended to challenge high achieving students in math and science won’t have anyone but Asians and Caucasians. Prejudices abound toward every race in that comment.


      1. Oh please Pete. Only you and your buddies would ever try to twist this around like that. The demographics are what they are. If NCS and CSW opened their doors to ALL without their selective enrollment preferences, including the 5 mile radius of students AND company supporters, then we will see where the success is. In CSW’s case, there is an obvious slant towards accepting Asian students. Look at the article I put up earlier today. Your “your a racist because I can’t accept that I support racist charter school enrollment preferences” schtick is getting kind of old…


  3. Petey boy,
    The only thing that abounds is your deliberate ignorance of reality. Time to climb down from your “high-horse,” realize it’s only a plastic one on that merry-go-round you’ve decided to travel and step into the real world. And you might want to watch where you step when you get down. That stuff on the ground your stepping in is probably not from any plastic horse or even a plastic bull.
    John Kowalko


  4. The special sauce is cherry-picking, which by definition has no general application. An expanded CSW will run out of students who are above average. CSW has no model for educating the student who is average or below.


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