Whitewash 101: Comparison Between Tom and Kathleen’s Audits Paragraph By Paragraph, Side by Side



(Kathleen’s lines will be green…. for go, go, goTom’s will be red for stop, stop, stop…….)

“What We Found”

1) AOA found that there was a lack of management participation in key operational activities. Several districts and charter schools failed to attend the entrance conference or to develop individualized policies and procedures governing Unit Count. Some charter schools delegated these responsibilities to Innovative Schools….

1) Some districts and charter schools failed to develop individualized policieand procedures governing Unit Count. AOA also encountered instances where the individual assigned to perform Unit Count tasks had not attended the annual training offered by DOE, resulting in those individuals being unfamiliar with key reports and processes……

2) AOA found that there is a lack of uniform standards surrounding the Unit Count process. This includes the format and required documents of the comprehensive enrollment…

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