Kline Calls John King’s Regulations A Convoluted Scheme

John King, John Kline

The Chair of the House Education and the Workforce Committee just issued a press release on the regulations for the Every Student Succeeds Act.  He blasted U.S. Secretary of Education John King and said he needs to be stopped!  We can all agree on this one Rep. Kline!  But here’s the deal: these proposed regulations have been out since the end of May.  It is now the last day of August.  Coming out with press releases is good, but you need to have the entire Congress get together for an immediate hearing and strip King of his power.

August 31, 2016 (202) 226-9440
Kline Statement on Education Department’s Unprecedented Regulatory Proposal
“The Department of Education is threatening to unilaterally impose a multi-billion dollar regulatory tax on our nation’s schools.”


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. John Kline (R-MN), chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, issued the following statement today regarding the Department of Education’s unprecedented and unlawful “supplement, not supplant” regulatory proposal:The Department of Education is threatening to unilaterally impose a multi-billion dollar regulatory tax on our nation’s schools. This punitive policy will unleash havoc on schools and their students at a time when education leaders should be focused on helping children succeed in the classroom. America’s poorest neighborhoods will be hit the hardest as communities are forced to relocate teachers, raise taxes, or both. Any supposed “flexibility” is really a limited set of bad choices dictated by the secretary of education. This is not at all what Congress intended, and those who helped enact this law cannot honestly believe differently.

What the secretary is proposing is unprecedented and unlawful. The only way to make this right is to scrap this convoluted regulatory scheme immediately. Members of Congress came together to pass bipartisan reforms that are designed to help every child receive an excellent education, and we will not allow this administration to undermine these reforms with its own extreme, partisan agenda.

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One thought on “Kline Calls John King’s Regulations A Convoluted Scheme

  1. Ya know we activists tried to warn people about Lamar Alexander, a progressive that has pushed the complete federal take over of education for decades, and his lies about ESSA. Now the lies are being exposed and Alexander and his progressive buddy Kline and others are taking their role on the DC stage of Kabuki theater trying to make us think their honorable efforts are being taken over. What is happening and what is about to happen in education is EXACTLY how the plan was set up and Alexander and Kline are LIARS when they say King is not doing as the bill was written. WHY do you think Arne Duncan, Nancy Pelosi, Obama, Harry Reid were so THRILLED and SURPRISED the rats fell for the trap set by Alexander. NOTHING that comes out of ANY politicians mouth will ever benefit you, me or our children. It is all about them, money and control. We tried to warn people now our children and the sovereignty of our country will again pay the price for the complacency of those that refused to see the truth. The ONLY answer and I do mean the ONLY answer if get as many kids out of the public school system and into a home school program (be careful there too because they are beginning to infiltrate home school too…..NEVER take a voucher or you home school parents are done too). True home school is the only answer now. The public school system is now nothing more than a federal indoctrination institution. I recommend FPEUSA.org which is an excellent non-Common Core, No date collection, Christian, Classical, teacher led, on-line school and it is very reasonably priced. Neighbors need to get together and form neighborhood home school consortiums. Home School laws need to be changed in order to allow relatives, retired teachers, neighbors, friends to home school children (many states only allow parents or guardians to home school). We need to work around the system. Time to STARVE THE BEAST!!! If Kline REALLY wants to do something he will fight to repeal ESSA. Don’t hold your breath on that one folks.


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