Epic Fail of the Week: Afterschool Task Force Holds First Meeting In The Morning

SAIL Task Force

For a task force created to discuss issues surrounding the Statewide Afterschool Initiative Learning, it would stand to reason that many students would participate in an afterschool program because their parents are working.  Logic would dictate that if you were going to have public meetings about such an initiative, they would be held in the evening when working parents could attend.  But not with this task force!  They had their first meeting this morning at 9am.  Today was also the second day of school for most Delaware students.

And who is on this task force?  Obviously not too many working parents who should be the primary stakeholders on a group like this.  Or was that intentional?


Jack Polidori is with the National Education Association, Jim Kelly is with YMCA, Michelle Taylor is with United Way, Richard Heffron is with the Delaware Chamber of Commerce, John Fisher-Klein is from the Newark Day Nursery & Children’s Center, Sheila Bravo is from the Delaware Alliance for Non-Profit Advancement, and Carol Scott is with the University of Delaware.  And we have Rep. Valerie Longhurst and Senator Nicole Poore.  And regular parents?  Nope, not on this task force.  Shut out again!

This was their agenda:



5 thoughts on “Epic Fail of the Week: Afterschool Task Force Holds First Meeting In The Morning

  1. How about having some real God damn EDUCATORS on that board?!?!? What a joke! And all offense should be taken, but Nicole Poore and Valerie Longhurst….REALLY? They are a joke.


  2. Delaware Daycare? Delaware taxpayers are being asked to watch other people’s children from a campaign promised Pre-K thru a promised free College education for all.

    When do they learn to write -we don’t do that anymore. Use the traditional time in the classroom for a solid education and in HS, specialize in a field that will support the individual in a self chosen profession. A 21st century hi-tech opportunity for all in HS, using the proven Vo-Tech model.

    Right now we are warehousing students, offering College Prep only, whatever that is, to every student across every school, dispute the lack of focus of some. This new Vo-Tech model needs to include the professional fields that are the current lure of the Charter Schools. In fact, it looks like time to take control of these “free public schools” and roll them into our system of publicly controlled education you can use to support the community. Don’t wait to see if you can specialize in College, use the first 12 years wisely!


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