Hey Kool House Mountain & Goldfinger: Stop Leaving Breadcrumbs!

Yes, another cryptic post.  I’m sure Kool House Mountain and Goldfinger will get it.  I just love watching people try to cover their tracks.  And rather sloppily at that!  This is going to be an interesting week!  The funny part is they are so arrogant they probably don’t care.  It’s funny how that works out sometimes.  I just can’t believe they got the Vo-Tech Wizard in on it.  But what do you expect when the former Brandywine Boy gets involved.  There are always fingerprints of some sort.  You just have to know where to look.  Funny how things disappear and then come back.  I have to wonder how close someone else would have gotten really close to this.  Probably a little too close and you had to make something happen.  Am I getting warm Goldfinger?

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