Peter Greene: Lab Rats for America, A Kafkaesque Version of Our Future

This is, literally, the most important article you will read about education in your life. When you hear people talking about ESSA, and how they will help our kids, especially candidates, ask yourselves how much they know about this. How they are leading the people toward certain goals without them knowing what the endpoint is. This is horrifying. This WILL lead to more inequity than anything in modern history. This is what Common Core, high-stakes tests, personalized learning, teacher evaluations, charter schools, vo-tech schools, and everything else have been leading up to… the Blockchain.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Peter Greene writes here about a polished (and terrifying) video released by the ACT Foundation that portrays the programmed education of the future.

He begins:

Oh my God. Oh my effing God.

If you want to see where Competency Based Education, data mining, the cradle to career pipeline, the gig economy, and the transformation into a master and servant class society all intersect– boy, have I got a video for you. Spoiler alert: this is also one way that public education dies.

I’m going to walk you through the video, embed it for your own viewing, and tell you about the people behind this. Hang on. This is stunning. And I’ll warn you right up front– this is not some hack job that looks like amateur hour video production (like, say, an in house USED video). This is slick and well-produced. Which somehow makes it more horrifying.

The video is…

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