My Guess? Odyssey Has Issues With Women On Their Board…

The Board of Directors at Odyssey Charter School in Wilmington, DE clearly does not benefit from having their members publicly elected.  Especially if you are a woman.  Like something taken out of the late 19th Century, Odyssey seems to be very comfortable with discussing the downplaying of females on their board.  There are nine members on Odyssey’s board but five are made of representation from the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association.  Yes, they have the word Progressive in their title.  But you wouldn’t know it based on the below conversation at their May 2016 board meeting.  I really can’t wait to hear charter board meetings when the audio recording law takes effect at the start of this school year!


But the kicker is that this board can never be dominated by women.  Why?  Because of “The Brotherhood”…


How can you call yourself progressive but limit the role of women in a governing body?  Has this board forgotten about civil rights and equality?  Did they know very important rules passed in this country regarding women’s rights?  It isn’t just women that are reduced on this board.  We see a very clear disliking of their Parent Teacher Organization as well.   Guess how many women joined their board the next month?  A big fat zero!  I’m not sure what their male: female ratio is on their board now.  I know they had 3 out of 9 women on the board prior to this vote.  I can’t wait to hear Odyssey’s board meetings.  I’m assuming they don’t pay their bills with Susan B. Anthony coins…

1 thought on “My Guess? Odyssey Has Issues With Women On Their Board…

  1. This is the very least of Odyssey’s problems. Let’s talk about the board member that wanted to be paid to manage new constructions projects. The member was offered the position, turned it down, then became the president of the board who then fired the person given the construction job. Lost lots of time and money on construction projects. Lots of rumor about this member having their hand in the back pocket of “their” construction people who do shoddy work at top dollar. This board and some of the AHEPA folks involved are a pretty shaky bunch. Keep checking for board minutes because they are often conveniently not posted, likewise for board meeting agendas. These people don’t give have a clue about running a school. Love that they “will not be dictated to” by the PTO.

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