Important Updates To Exceptional Delaware

Exceptional Delaware

I have been very remiss about updating certain parts of this blog.  In an effort to improve the ability for readers to find information, I put pages below the title.  I am in the process of updating those pages.  I added a new one called “Delaware School Districts” which will have links to articles I’ve written about the different school districts in the state.  This will take quite a bit of time.  As well, I updated all of the charter school articles in the “Delaware Charters” section.  Education Meetings and Education Legislation are next on my to-do list.  Followed by the FOIA file, Governor Markell, and Rodel & Friends.

Are there are any pages you would like to see up there to make it easier to find certain things on here?  Let me know!

10 thoughts on “Important Updates To Exceptional Delaware

    1. Thank you for you suggestion jax2816. With that being said, the Burger Girl phenomenon was a very short period of time. It was not even an education matter, per se. Therefore, it does not constitute an entire page devoted to it. If it were an ongoing and continuous education matter, I would be delighted to give Burger Girl her own page. Being that it is not, I am unable to comply with your request.


      Exceptional Delaware Management


        1. I’m disheartened to see you feel this way. A simple Google search will provide the exploits of Burger Girl for any and all to see. I understand this series of articles held a special interest for yourself, but as I indicated in my prior comment, it was a moment in time. I would suggest getting over it, perhaps with some free soda and pizza. Thank you.


          1. Look man. I’m just tryna help you out. They were legit the best pieces of writing you’ve done. But whatevs. I have them printed and saved in a notebook anyway.


          2. May I suggest, perhaps, some very intensive therapy for you? You seem to have a severe obsession with Burger Girl. I would seriously consider talking to someone about all this. While I do appreciate your suggestions, I feel you are reaching the point of Kathy Bates-Misery proportions.


  1. Ankles or not, I regret not having the ability to instantly revisit the Burger Girl collection in order to reminisce. It’s sort of like packing up all my Harry Potter books and sending them to Goodwill. … It is way too hard back clicking, back clicking, back clicking, back clicking, back clicking, oh there’s Firefly… darn, that’s this year’s… back clicking, back clicking, back clicking…

    (I also like the “Fireflies in the Pool” installment… and the “Semi First Date” extravaganza…


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