Hearing Gives Details About The Amy Joyner-Francis Murder With Victim’s Last Words

Amy Joyner-Francis

They jumped me.  They snuck me. -the last words from Amy Joyner-Francis

Yesterday, a Family Court hearing in Delaware convened to decide whether or not Trinity Carr should be tried as an adult in the murder of Amy-Joyner Francis.  Disturbing evidence came out during the hearing solidifying the theory that Carr,  Zion Snow, and Chakeira Wright planned the attack for 20 hours before the fight.

The News Journal gave a very gruesome detailing of the outcome of the paragraph in their lead which appeared in print today:

A fatal attack in which Howard High School of Technology sophomore Amy Inita Joyner-Francis was punched in the head two dozen times and had her fingernails ripped out started because of a group text message, a Wilmington police detective said in court Monday.

The State News did not mention the fingernails being ripped out in their lead, but did give more weight to the blows against Amy…

A cellphone video of a high school restroom fight that left a 16-year-old Delaware girl dead shows the victim on the ground, struggling to fight back and escape as she is repeatedly hit and kicked in the head while her assailant holds on to her hair.

If I had to guess, the part about the fingernails played a huge role in the decision of prosecutors to try Carr as an adult.   This was a very vicious and brutal attack.  For someone to drag a teenager by the hair, punch and kick her in the head over twenty times, and tear out her fingernails… that takes a viciousness and callousness with an intent to seriously harm or kill someone.  But what astonished me even more was the fact that a math teacher, who found Amy in the bathroom and heard her last words, had to run to get a nurse.  Where were all the students who witnessed a classmate getting seriously hurt to the eventual point of death?  Why did none of them, upon witnessing this scene, run to grab a nurse?

Details emerged, according to The News Journal article, that Carr showed no remorse upon learning of Amy’s death…

Deputy Attorney General Theresa Sedevic, however, said that even after Carr learned of her death at the Wilmington police station hours later, Carr blamed Joyner-Francis for the attack and was upset only that the incident would mess up her chances of getting a nursing degree.

The murder occurred inside a Delaware school, Howard High School of Technology.  A source within the district, who wished to remain anonymous, told me the district pretends like the murder never happened.  No one talks about it.  This source felt like the New Castle County Vo-Tech district moved on and forgot about what happened.

I have never bought this bad theory that an unknown heart condition was the cause of her death.  Amy died because someone killed her.  Plain and simple.  Even though the articles talked about how Carr has received counseling and is making progress, it doesn’t erase what she did.  She planned to hurt Amy.  She killed Amy.  She needs to be tried as an adult and given an appropriate sentencing for an adult if found guilty.  Why is Carr allowed to travel out of state when she has been accused of murder?  Why is she allowed to teach Sunday School to kids at a church in Philadelphia?  But more importantly, why is she under homebound instruction which is paid for by the school district?  Does this mean Carr was not expelled from the school district after murdering a classmate in a bathroom?  What kind of message does that send to Amy’s parents when not even the school district could bring even an iota of justice to their daughter’s murder?  Students have been expelled from Delaware schools for much less.  None of this makes sense.

None of this will bring Amy back to her family who misses their daughter every single day.  There is no such thing as justice when you lose a loved one like this.  Nothing will bring their daughter back.

The Judge in the case is expected to render a decision on how Carr will be tried by the end of next week according to The State News article.

8 thoughts on “Hearing Gives Details About The Amy Joyner-Francis Murder With Victim’s Last Words

  1. This is just a case of where everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

    It sucks when you think (know) the guilty person is guilty before trial.. But on the flip side, if you were ever accused of something falsely (per Kathleen Davies for example) which you did not do, then the freedom to travel to consolidate your defense would be golden….

    Most nations out there don’t give that. You are guilty until proven innocent… One of the reasons we rebelled from the English was because they used to come into our homes and arrest us because of false rumors we were colluding on a rebellion even though we hadn’t actually done anything criminally wrong. We were very aware how easily accusations can be thrown around and manipulated (again Kathleen Davies is an example) by power mongers, and so we said, that we choose to consider all to be innocent until proven guilty….

    You can’t have it both ways… Hey! You over there are guilty and you over here with me, are innocent until your trial.. You have to set it up one single way… In other words, what you imply you are advocating for Carr, loosely translated as “eliminate all her rights NOW”, would also have to apply to Kathleen Davies equally….

    I know it is hurtful to take. But we are stronger as a society by having our law on the side of the defendants, and not heavily weighted on the side of prosecutors. Instead of snap decisions in choosing guilt or innocence, we make 12 people listen to both sides of all arguments and then come to a unanimous decision… Only then, our guilty get punished.

    Sometimes you just have to love our nation big enough to let the small stuff slide…


  2. Trinity Carr needs to be put to death as if she were a rabid animal. She is a worthless piece of shit, who killed someone’s daughter. I don’t know how Amy’s family has kept it together. If Amy were my daughter, that Carr bitch would have died at my own hands months ago.

    I don’t give a fuck if anyone disagrees with my opinion or feelings. When it comes to my daughter, I would have nothing else to live for, so I would have no reason not to get revenge.

    Alright, I have vented….now I need to meditate in order to rid myself of these evil thoughts.


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