Why Dave Sokola’s Newark Charter School Perpetuates Separate-But-Not-Equal Education for Afro Americans


Dave Sokola, who is trying to hang on to his seat in the 8th Senatorial District against Meredith Chapman, has long been a defender of Newark Charter School. Back when it was ruled that Wilmington School District would be dissolved and its students bused to the more affluent suburbs, many wealthy sought to keep their children separate.  Most put them in parochial and private schools costing up to $20,000 a year…

But some wanted to escape black culture and could not afford $20,000 a year. Charter Schools were born to fill that gap. A charter is a school that is not bound by the Federal and State regulatory bodies.  They cherry picked their students, and if they do it correctly, they get themselves an all-white school.  Newark Charter in its early years had only one minority student.

Dave Sokola frequently uses this line.  “People need a choice if they are not…

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6 thoughts on “Why Dave Sokola’s Newark Charter School Perpetuates Separate-But-Not-Equal Education for Afro Americans

  1. What about the lottery system? Are you saying they don’t actually use it? Also, instead of closing all charters maybe there’s something to be learned from them. Also, don’t the schools have fundraising events to pay for all of these extra activities? I know my public school does. Don’t we just need to make sure funds are distributed evenly as apposed to shutting down thriving schools? Btw, my kids are in public school but not in charter however, I do like that there is that option.


  2. Most individual schools in a traditional district have internal accounts that handle field trip money and things of that sort. Do you believe that Newark charter may not have that since they really are one school and one district? Maybe reason for high costs?


  3. Almost everything about this article is innacurate. Not worth me sharing. Seems that this article has been pieced together with misleading information in order to support an agenda. You know the normal bs im used to reading from the media or so called media.


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