You Have Until Monday To Submit Public Comment On Damaging Regulations Put Out By Corporate Education Dictator John King

Every Student Succeeds Act

You have until Monday, August 1st to submit public comment on the proposed regulations and rule-making put out by U.S. Secretary of Education John King on May 29th.  After that, no more public comment will be accepted.  You need to go to the Federal Register website, which can be found here.  Read through the regulations.  It is in-depth and monstrous.  But the future of the children of America is at stake here.  If you have been a big fan of the high-stakes testing anti-parental rights shame and label schools, teachers, and students era of education, then sit at home and watch the future of America crumble before your very eyes.  If you want to prevent John King from furthering the bad policies and agendas, first laid out by No Child Left Behind and then magnified a hundred fold under Race To The Top, then please leave public comment.

This was my public comment:

I do not agree with most of these proposed regulations. It is a further attempt to exert federal control over state decisions. Furthermore, many of those in power at the state level have eroded local control to the point of absurdity. It is a parent’s fundamental and constitutional right to opt their child out of the state assessment. Any regulation proposing to punish schools for a parent’s decision is illegal. The ESEA regulations state that all schools must make sure children take the assessment, not that all students MUST participate in the state assessment. That regulation has been perverted over the years to take away parental rights. No state should have to follow regulations formed to serve testing companies and their profits more than the rights of parents, students, teachers, and schools. Education has become a for-profit center at the expense of children and those who truly serve them.

Since the advent of charter schools, the rate of high-stakes associated with testing has increased dramatically. Charter schools have led to more discrimination and segregation of at-risk children while our government has mostly turned a blind eye to these practices while allowing to flourish, multiply, and take away necessary funding from traditional public schools. Too many states have tampered with existing law and regulations so charter schools benefit, whether through artificial n#s leaving out many charter students from accountability rankings, or shifting funding to charter schools without giving those same funds to traditional school districts.

As a result of all of this federal intrusion, students with disabilities have lost. They have lost instruction, time, and accommodations in the name of the almighty state assessment. Common Core IS a curriculum and it has become so embedded into state education structure that getting it out will be a mammoth task. Common Core does not work, will not work, and never has worked.

In states like my own, Delaware, we have a corrupt Governor who has made it his mission to demean teachers and punish schools all in the guise of students becoming “college and career ready”. It is a complete farce and a lie. It is for companies to profit, not students. I will make it my mission in life to overturn every single regulation that this heavily lobbied Department makes under the illusion of “student success” that benefits others over children. I will fight competency-based education through digital personalized learning that sends data out to “research” companies like American Institutes for Research who benefit immensely as the essential creators of the Smarter Balanced Assessment and also serve as the vendor for the very same test in Delaware and others.

We have sold out our children to companies, and these proposed regulations will only further solidify the stranglehold they have on our students, teachers, and schools. Say NO to these regulations and give our children the capability to receive the true education they deserve, not this bastardized corporate version of education. Let’s let students with disabilities get the rights they deserve. Let’s let minority students not be subject to rigor in an attempt to “close the achievement gaps” that were created by corporations with tests designed for the upper-class. Let’s let parents decide (and they already do) if their child should or should not take the state assessment.

How dare this Department try to impose into law, with haste and desperation, the same type of regulatory schemes the Every Student Succeeds Act was supposed to get rid of before the lobbyists twisted the original intent of the law and Congress passed, very quickly I might add, a completely different law in a matter of weeks with little to no room for public comment or oversight. I expect our the United States of America government to immediately halt these regulations and to strip away the power of U.S. Secretary of Education John King so I no longer have to write comments like this in a Federal Register, as well as any future U.S. Secretary of Education.

Thank you.


11 thoughts on “You Have Until Monday To Submit Public Comment On Damaging Regulations Put Out By Corporate Education Dictator John King

  1. My 5 kids WERE HOME SCHOOLED starting in 1982 for 75% of their basic education. They attended upper grades in state public schools and went to college in Jr. year of high school. They tested at college level in secondary standardized testing by age 14. The earned the Hope Grant in Georgia. They all graduated with Honors on the Hope they all have good to great jobs and would be further along in that arena if clintons/bushes/obama did not want to sink America in order to promote the New World Order! I only have 2 yrs. of college as does my husband who was one of the best Air Traffic Controllers there ever was. He is still the best at what he does as a consultant. I am still a homemaker! Public education has the corner on nothing! All “RULES” benefit special interests! PERIOD!


  2. The Sunday New York Times has an article on the Sanford study, that examined the results of an intensive educational system coupled with well designed standardized testing. The Chinese students excelled “with critical thinking skills about two to three years ahead of their peers in the United States and Russia. Those skills included the ability to identify assumptions, test hypotheses and draw relationships between variables.”
    In Delaware there seems to be bland mediocrity stretched out over 12 years without arriving at a chosen skill set or the acumen ascribed to the Chinese students that yearn to meet testing success.
    Our State does not allow the teaching of cursive or printing to elementary students. The youth recognize this restriction and the heavy use of “coloring” exercises early on as the beginnings of a second rate education.


    1. This comment was not meant to be critical of individual teachers, who do try for progress. It’s the System that needs to be addressed.


    2. You seem to be coming to this conversation a little late. Most people here already know that the Chinese only allowed one district in their wealthiest section of Shanghai, to be tested… Compare to Delaware’s testing everyone, including our poorest in both Sussex and Wilmington. So obviously the Chinese average score is better. Most of us already know from revelations before that those wealthy Chinese hire $40,000 a year tutors for their children, to get top scores.

      Being unknowing of that, I must assume you also are unknowing of the fact that if you isolate our nation’s scores from the same income levels, and our best schools, we blow the Chinese out of the water. Secondly, most of us already know, that the majority of Chinese are still peasants, and do not get beyond a third grade education. Of course our poorest blow them out of the water too…

      The scores you see posted are averages.. The US tests everyone while many of the other nations are much more selective… IF you just look at scores and don’t look at the methodology behind their derivation, you will think the US is behind… It actually leads… At every income level across the board, the US betters its counterparts across the globe. America has more poverty than most of our competitors across either ocean.. That is what drives our total averaged score down. The system is not broken. WE are number one, if you calculate each income level and compare scores… WE are number one in all categories.

      When someone says education is failing, we all roll our eyes and say, “looks like there is another one” and we take turns bringing whoever it is, up to speed…


      1. OK, I don’t like your attitude, never have, kind of elitest, kind of small minded.
        I wrote to point out that testing can drive students in a disciplined culture, but we have a compromised education system that fails our students by not even starting at the most basic lesson, the transfer of the ability to print, a lesson in coordination and control. That’s all. Perhaps, you have something to say, we could tolerate you if you could put a hold on your insinuated insults.


        1. If you want to spread lies, be prepared to suck it. You perpetuated a gigantic mis-truth either out of ignorance or with the precise intent to mislead. I pointed it out, (and only did so for your benefit since everyone else knows that lie from when it was exposed 2 years ago). Besides me, I really don’t think anyone else cares what a make believe person who picks a handle of “What Not” thinks or “feels” about something or someone he knows nothing about…And since now I’m laughing at you because you brought it up, I’ll continue with what is absolutely hilarious, which is that your accusations, are the exact opposite of what I am. All you had to do was look. So let the record stand. lol… if anyone has an “attitude”, 99.9999% of us reading this exchange, all think it is YOU! 🙂

          And lets dispel another myth. Students do write, either in cursive (gone for only 2 years) or print. They do spend a lot of time writing to develop coordination and control…

          Not to mention keyboarding, which is actually a better developer of both the above than block printing.

          I comment only to teach. If you don’t like the truth, you won’t like me because I will never lie to assuage someones feelings.


          1. You are such an A-ole! MY comment was about Delaware’s ban on teaching the elementary students to print the alphabet that our culture uses to Communicate! There is no reason to skip this step and others. You brought up the comparisons and launched into YOUR lame lecture, while baiting and bullying a real person making MY point, derived from real experience in the classroom.
            Oh, I know you like to throw words around. What’s your point? Who cares?


          2. Olé…olé…olé; Great. Now I’m a olé… Never been an olé before. Which means “bravo”(translated) btw. Why. Thank you very much… I knew you weren’t as ignorant as you tried so hard to pretend…. 🙂


  3. I don’t disagree with Kavips. What he is trying to say is how a lot of the “research” and articles we see in our modern media are actually attempts at manipulation. Facts can be thrown out but if you don’t know the history around those facts, it can be very enlightening. I don’t think Kavips means to come off as insulting. After doing this for a few years now, I find myself explaining some of the things over and over again. I try to remember I could always have a new audience but I know I don’t always succeed.

    For bloggers like Kavips and myself, we are beyond buried in the minutiae behind all this education stuff, so please don’t take it the wrong way! 🙂


    1. Oops… thought this was my blog; (working solely off notifications). Sorry Kevin.. just felt a little feisty and was having some fun. Shutting it down now. 😉


      1. Kavip, Word-bloat, your grandiose installments to the internet textbook that no one reads do certainly look impressive, at least to you.

        I appreciate Kevin’s blog and do not wish to have any spillover conversation with you, I seriously have no use for your opinions or retorts. You are simply a condescing bully!


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