Congressional Letter To FBI, FTC & IRS Raises Questions About Clinton Foundation, Will Hillary Be Able To Escape This? Deal Me Out!

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

On July 15th, several Republican members of Congress wrote a letter to the Directors of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Trade Commission and the Internal Revenue Service about questions of potential fraud with the Clinton Foundation.  Last night, Hillary Clinton accepted the Democrat nomination for President of the United States.  She gave a stirring speech with more about slamming Donald Trump than what she would actually do as President.  But underneath the surface of that speech lies unanswered questions about the Clinton Foundation and their illegal use of funding based on IRS regulations.

As Americans on the left and right continue to poke and jab at the opposite sides, it is more than obvious that neither candidate is worthy of becoming President.  Both candidates have been subject to numerous investigations that never seem to hold either of them accountable for their actions.  This is, by far, the worst selection of candidates the two major political parties in our country have ever picked.  This is a choice no American should have to face.  I am loathe to pick either of them in November.  The pressure both sides are putting on the other parties hasn’t even reached a fever pitch.  I think both candidate will not help public education.  One is more blatant and arrogant with their public persona while the other smiles but her actions behind the scenes speak in volumes about her pompous boasting.  I fear for the future of America with these two very greedy people at the helm.  They both claim they want to help the average American as they sit in the upper echelon of the 1%.  I cannot, and will not, support either Clinton or Trump.  I am ashamed to be an American facing these two choices.  I will not vote for either of them.  Their actions regarding persons with disabilities, through downright vocal discrimination or behind the scenes corporate actions in regards to the privatization of public education show they are not fit to lead our country’s future.  As I have been telling people, if you can’t do the right thing for children, how can you be expected to lead a country.  Children are the foundation and future of this country.

You can deal me out of voting for either candidate.  I pray America will come to its senses and do the right thing for our country.  No matter who wins, the controversy surrounding both of them will overshadow anything they do.  Both parties will become a lynch mob towards the other from 2017 to 2020.  This is not America.  This is not the country that Hillary Clinton talked about in her speech last night.  It is a very ugly political arena of the very worst America has to offer.  Hillary may have the political experience, but look at the many incidents she has escaped unscathed from.  Donald may have the corporate experience, but he has represented the 1% his entire life.

As a Delawarean, I see my own state divided into three parts: Hillary, Donald, and neither.  I fear Hillary the most because of rumors surrounding our own Governor, Jack Markell, vying for the US Secretary of Education spot under a second President Clinton.  I fear Donald because he is a racist maniac playing on the fear of Americans.  I fear Hillary because she caters to big corporations and has been paid handsomely for those efforts through the Clinton foundation or campaign contributions.  I fear Donald because he will land us into a bad war (if not nuclear) if he continues his rhetoric.  I support neither and there is no other viable choice that could get enough votes so neither of them become President.  What this country needs, right now, is a revolution.  We need to overturn both parties and do something.  I don’t know if that is even possible at this point, but if we want to save America, we really have no choice.  If the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, we need to rise above the fears of the supporters of both candidates and do the right thing for America and openly revolt against the two-party system that is killing our country.

11 thoughts on “Congressional Letter To FBI, FTC & IRS Raises Questions About Clinton Foundation, Will Hillary Be Able To Escape This? Deal Me Out!

  1. Surprising and interesting points. But they don’t sound real coming from you.

    Here is the reality. Though there are multiple parties running for president, there are in reality, only two choices. One of those two will be chosen… If you waste your vote on Jill Stein, or Gary Johnson, both who are excellent people, just unable to win, you are surrendering your right to determine our next leader… Because that is what it is… No matter HOW MANY PEOPLE vote for third party, there will not be enough for one of them to win… One of the other two will be the winner… So you can either vote for one of the two, as in which is better, or which is worse, our you can not vote for one of them, by either not voting or voting for a third party candidate, both of which are exactly the same thing; you surrender your right to make a difference….

    If you stop to think about it, protest voting is so pointless. Now don’t take this out of context. There are times when voting third party is legitimate… When you know you can’t win, but really LOVE what one candidate is saying and really want to tally support to that cause or principle… For example, if no one is paying attention to people with disabilities, you could support the Party of Exception, knowing they won’t win, but, establishing a marker so the future legislature knows they need to act or that protest will grow… In doing so, you are positivity doing good for democracy.

    But in this race, that does not apply. Both third party candidates also ran 4 years ago, and both were embarrassingly inconsequential. Today, neither have a cause worth jumping ship for…which puts both of them running simply for the receivership of collecting protest votes….

    And so it boils down to responsibility. If you hate both, you have a choice in voting for the one you hate the least instead of surrendering that responsibility to everyone else. If in your last days, as the missiles fly across the Arctic Circle headed towards both nations populations centers, if you voted for Trump you have to accept you were wrong in doing what you thought you had to do. If you voted for Hillary, you can take pride that you did what you had to do; you have been vindicated… But if you protested and voted third party when you could have made the difference…. but didn’t…. well, for the next 19 minutes and eternity, you’ll have to live with that.


  2. Oh, and were you aware of all that Hillary did early for children with disabilities? How she was a pioneer in the original idea that disabled children had a right to education too. and that the Federal Government was rich enough to assist school districts in making that happen?

    I was surprised too.

    Were you aware of how it was her who pushed CHIP through while as first lady, and got it started?

    I was surprised too…

    Life would certainly be different if neither of those things had happened.

    My take is that if you compare Hillary and Trump side by side, it quickly becomes apparent to any parent, who your choice must be…


    1. I am very well aware of what Hillary did as a young woman, when she was actually Republican. I’m also fully aware of what she did during her time on the board of a certain foundation. Neither of them are worth my time trying to find a reason to vote for them. Their actions and history both show they are unfit to lead our country. For all the railing you have done against Markell, Hillary comes from the same loaf of bread. How anyone who fights against these things can support her is extremely shocking. Being against Trump shouldn’t be a reason to vote someone in who may not be as bad on the surface but has just as many scandal and question marks on her resume as Trump.


      1. Put bluntly, I guess since you brought up Markell, it would go like this… You can be mad at Markell for beating you on a couple of issues, but his competency at running the state is beyond question, especially to those of us who have seen prior administrations attempt the same… It ran; and overall, it’s been run well. If Hillary is the equivalent of Markell, then you will need to explain, how the replacing of Markell with a Mark Murphy, could benefit anyone in this state.. For that is what anyone is doing by arguing the similar, putting Trump over Hillary. Like Murphy, Trump has untested ideas but no experience. Like Murphy, Trump uses bluster and word salads that have nice sounds. Like Murphy, Trump has no resume except that he has been programmed by special interests…. Seriously, the only reason Trump is the Republican candidate is because “he will build a wall”. Murphy was hired because “he” would “fix” education….

        Again as both Ginny and I stated. You have a choice between a Markell and a Murphy… IF you don’t vote, or vote for a third party, a Murphy clone might be your next president… 🙂 I’m sure you and your son whose future it would impact more than yours, would want that….


        1. To me, the choice is like deciding between a sword through the chest or a long, drawn-out cancer. Both of them suck. I would not say Markell has done a great job with the state. I would not say I am in a better position than I was when he took office. Education has not gotten better. Our state is just as polluted as it was in 2009. I wouldn’t say our economy is a lot better overall. We have less money going into our state budget because of all the tax breaks he gave companies and a lot of companies left on his watch. Markell is not the great governor everyone seems to think he is, nor is Hillary going to be a great President. You will see…


          1. Ok. Grant you that. But was Markell better than would have been Lee? A candidate HIS OWN CHAIRMAN SOLD UNDER THE BUS, by distributing leaflets in Democratic Wilmington telling Blacks to VOTE FOR OBAMA, MARKELL, AND COPELAND. (Paid for by Friends of Charlie Copeland)…

            If Markell had enough trouble these past 8 years, how bad would someone weaker have done in the same environment? Especially if they ran on pro-charter, pro-voucher, anti-teacher campaign slogans as their “fix” for “education” which Lee did?


          2. Someone “weaker” than Markell may have actually had the personality to actually listen to people instead of corporations. Markell has a lot of pull and influence. I will give him that. Far too much! We can never know what another candidate would have been like, can we? So arguing that point isn’t going to get us anywhere.


  3. Your thoughts on the qualifications/policies of our current presidential candidates are not unusual, many folks feel the same and are sitting out voting in this election. I have to remind people, like yourself, our country needs a president whether you vote or not, that’s how our government was set up. Remember, U.S. presidents don’t have “all” the power. We have 3 branches of government – “executive”, “congressional” and “legislative” and the power is shared. That was done intentionally by our foundling fathers so power was not placed in one person – like a King/Queen/dictator. Which was the case before the Revolutionary War. (I realize many people are not familiar with American History and Government since it’s no longer taught in schools, so this may be a new concept to some.)

    Maybe some people will remember when Bill Clinton was running for election as president and his recurring theme was, “you get two for one” Hillary and Bill Clinton, to run the country. So in my opinion, Hillary has already been in the White House and had her hand in many issues during their tenure. Years ago I worked in the Executive Office of the President on several “legal” issues that plagued the Clintons: Filegate, Travelgate, Whitewater, Lewinsky, the firing of Chris Emery a former White House usher who was fired by Mrs. Clinton because she didn’t like him talking on the phone to the previous first lady (B.Bush) and there was another e-mail issue involving the Clinton’s when it was discovered thousands of e-mail messages were not properly archived from September 1996 to November 1998, sound familiar? I was concerned when Mrs. Clinton I found out her favorite saying from Alcoholics Anonymous was, “fake it till you make it”. Exactly what did she mean, did she not know about an issue and pretended to be “aware”. When she had her “reflective meditation” sessions with Dr. Jean Houston, psychic philosopher and consulted with the long dead Eleanor Roosevelt and Ghanda, I admit I’m a little nervous who she would consult with when she’s running the country. I don’t want a bar bouncer, hired by Mrs. Clinton because he was the son on a friend, with no experience in security operations to operate a White House security function with access to very personal background investigation information on people. I can say for sure, Secretary Clinton and her husband, will not get my vote. Been there done that.

    Mr. Trump is brash, out-spoken, and opinionated but he does have a work ethic that many in the government don’t possess anymore. He expects our congressional representatives to work 5 days a week like regular people, not show up on Tuesday and work Wednesday-Thursday, and off again on Friday. He wants to revamp our election system so its fair, not one sided as was clearly demonstrated by the recent e-mail scandal at the Democratic Convention. He wants veterans to receive the medical treatments they were told they would get when they signed their contract with the military. He wants equal pay for woman and men when they’re doing the same work and he was the first multi-million dollar business that paid women executive salaries for their work. Yes, he was given a head start in building his fortune by his father but that opportunity is provided to many sons and daughters of “family-owned” businesses. He built his business and had to manage the numerous regulations, laws, and restrictions that govern not only the U.S. but foreign countries. This requires expertise in negotiating, something he’s clearly good at. If there’s one thing the government does well, it’s writing regulations. I don’t believe he’ll have a problem with them. As for knowing about intelligence issues, he knows enough not to set-up an unprotected computer in the bathroom of his home to process National Security Information.

    When I hear people say they’re not going to vote I want to ask them why are they living in the U.S.A. They should go to country that doesn’t give their citizens the right to vote.

    If you want to call yourself an American, vote.


    1. I like you Ginny, but please do not call me un-American because I refuse to vote for two very vile and corrupt people. I don’t buy either of their rhetoric. I won’t be sold on casting a vote for either of them. Period. End of that discussion.


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