Vaya Con Dios Vo-Tech Vicki?

Newcastle County Vo-Tech, Vicki Gehrt

At last month’s New Castle County V0-Tech’s Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Vicki Gehrt wanted to get the ball rolling early on her contract renewal.  Her contract isn’t up for another six months, but apparently she felt the need to bring it up now.  The board wasn’t too keen on that.  Details are scarce, but it wound up with the non-elected board going in and out of executive session throughout the night.  As Gehrt and friends stayed in one room with Gehrt visibly upset.  Scuttlebutt has it that the board is not too enamored with Gehrt, especially after the Amy Joyner-Francis death at Howard High School of Technology as well as other issues.

Ultimately, the board decided to table any talk of Gehrt’s Superintendent renewal until it is actually up for renewal.  But they do have a board meeting tomorrow night.  Will Vo-Tech Vicki bring it up again?  Will there be more drama with unannounced adventures in executive session?  And will the board meeting be heard for all to hear?  Last month, the board was prepping for the House Bill 61 all school boards must record bill which goes into effect in a couple of months.  But no recording was put up on the website.  This is definitely a to be continued story…

5 thoughts on “Vaya Con Dios Vo-Tech Vicki?

  1. After how the district has treated parents and children, prior to and related to, the Amy tragedy and since the Superintendent gets all the credit (good or bad), you better believe I would be a proponent if a no vote, regarding renewing her contract. At least in my humble opinion😎


  2. I think the board has an heir apparent in mind to take the helm. Vicki’s time has come and gone. It’s time for some new blood, and I think the board is leaning towards that as well.


  3. Superintendent Gehrt is doing a good job. The district is probably the best in NCC. It could be a model for effective education with choice. Students are getting a solid academic program for four hours and learn a skill of their choice as well. Expand the scope of the skill choices to include other professions distributed among the remInder of the Public Schools, like a School of Commerce, and public education would be as efficient as our NCC Vo-Tech.


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