Updated: Red Clay’s Tax Rate Jumps Up 2 Cents Without A Referendum!

Red Clay Consolidated School District

Man, taxpayers are getting it this year.  Like Appoquinimink, Red Clay citizens are going to get another hit this year as their tax rate leaps up 2 cents to $2.174 per $100 of assessed value.  But if you look at the below pictures, it shows a bigger increase.  That is because their last referendum had different amounts that would change in the tax rate for the next couple years.  But unlike Appo, there tuition tax leapt up .02 cents as opposed to .06 cents.  Red Clay has a ton more students with disabilities, and yet their needs-based special education funding only went up $250,000 as opposed to Appo’s needed $815,000 for “increased special education cost”.  So Appo still  has some explaining to do (I am working on a follow-up article to explain this anomaly).



Click on the blue to see Red Clay’s current tax rate presentation and FY2017 Preliminary Budget.

4 thoughts on “Updated: Red Clay’s Tax Rate Jumps Up 2 Cents Without A Referendum!

  1. .10 of the .19 is directly from the referendum (3 year phase in on their win, year 2) the other .09 is debt service and tuition


  2. Yet, my below level reader doesn’t qualify for help because he’s not bad enough to be in the bottom tier. My neighbors kid doesn’t get speach therapy, because it’s not getting in the way of class time. So who’s getting this special finding?!


  3. Fraud at Red Clay knows no bounds. They already spent/wasted $150,000 on Stargate &Taylor’s legal witch hunt deposing everyone that witnessed their Referendum Fraud of 2/15. 2 to 3 hours of intimidation per person. They have switched to a L M insurance policy and have another million to waste. Of course every one in the State will contribute to higher premiums.

    Your statement about extreme numbers of special needs at R C goes to show why WEIC was so wrong! All citizens will have to oppose their simplistic solutions or we will never see the end of Tax increases for less education! The VoTech model is the way to go. A 21st century skill and academics!


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