Hot Fun In The Summertime… At The DOE? What The…

Summer.  The time of year when you cut loose and have some fun!  Even at the Delaware Department of Education.   So what are those rascals up to now?

It must be the Summer 2016 Fellow Program!  Tons of folks actually signed up to pal around with Delaware DOE staff members.  And even Donna Johnson, the Executive Director, has a Fellow!  I was wondering who that was with her the last couple of weeks down at Legislative Hall.  Will she get to sit at the round table at the next State Board of Education meeting?  I can think of worse fates than hanging out at the DOE all summer.  Like eating glass.  Or having a staring contest with Mark Murphy.  Or… you get the point!

While some of you may recognize some of these faces from our schools and districts, we have quite a few who are actually new to Delaware!  But don’t take that for granted.  One of these Summer 2016 Fellows could wind up running the DOE in a few years!  Today’s Fellow is Tomorrow’s Secretary!

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