Student & Parent Surveys Only Seem To Benefit Administrator At One Delaware Charter School

Newark Charter School

A commenter named 4equity2 wrote a comment yesterday in response to my thinking out loud article.  She wrote about Newark Charter School and the massive amount of abuse that has generated due to parent surveys.  Sounds like this part of Senator David Sokola’s amendment in House Bill 399 is ripe for controversy…

parent surveys at NCS: they are used to serve the agenda of Mr.Meece. A teacher may be informed of the only negative parent comment, and if that teacher has been targeted for anything, it will be the justification for a scant bonus. if parent surveys had as their purpose, improved instruction, all would be shared with the teachers. however, at this school, that is clearly not their purpose.
this is not a healthy practice as it pits colleagues against each other, and makes parents potential anonymous adversaries, rather than transparent partners.
additionally, mr. meece always has a mole or two, and is quick to dispose of them once their dirty work is done. independent thinking is not just undervalued, it is traitorous.
differing opinions are best concealed.
it’s wonderful to teach classes with little to no behavior problems, but not worth selling one’s soul for.


4 thoughts on “Student & Parent Surveys Only Seem To Benefit Administrator At One Delaware Charter School

  1. By now there is no question that surveys are smear devices. Giant fishnets to entrap one single negative one can then use bludgeon a victim out of a job… Unless you have open accountability, for example, as is a facebook page, where if someone makes an accusation, there are options for multiple public rebuttals if no truth warrants to support the accusation in the first place, then you have a black box from which you pull items, which could or even could not be true, but fabricated within the black box wall that obfuscate all that goes on inside….

    Sokola inserted the survey clause into this bill, relying on the general public’s naivety in assuming surveys were on the up and up… Once again, technology is far more advanced than is our General Assembly, and lobbyists are the only ones paid well enough to keep up on it…

    As for Meece. he is doing his job. One cannot really blame him because his position as a charter school administrator…. REQUIRES him to run the school as a DIcktator. He has unlimited authority, and he is using it… If you have a problem with how surveys are being used here, get onboard the giant movement to rid Delaware of Charter Schools forever….


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