Rocketship Education and Urinary Tract Infection

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Rocketship charter schools get high test scores. By Rocketship’s corporate reform standards, those high test scores are what matters.

However, there is a cost, and that cost has crossed paths with the inhumane.

At Rocketship’s 13 schools, students spend long periods of time (amounting to a 25 percent of the school day) working on computers. It’s part of a cost-saving measure; hundreds of students and only a handful of “instructional lab specialists.”

As NPR notes, the reality is that Rocketship has high turnover for staff put in charge of those labs– which apparently results in staff shortages and larger groups of students being watched by one person.

Despite high turnover in the limited staff watching large groups of students, Rocketship supposedly tracks the minutes that students are on the computer– which leads to the bathroom issue.

As NPR reports:

That drive to maximize instructional time and monitor data is a…

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2 thoughts on “Rocketship Education and Urinary Tract Infection

  1. The “charter” movement is an example of corporate “grifters” sucking the economic lifeblood from true public education. In many instances it results in resegregation, missed/stolen opportunities for the disabled, special needs, impoverished and minority populations of children. It is a con that feeds off the frustration of an underfunded (by legislatures) public education system while the con-artists compete for the lions share of taxpayer money that is available to every charlatan without a conscience or sense of principled morality. It mirrors the standardized test grift offered and supported by the RODELS, Gates, DOE and Governor which while unproven as a legitimate measure of achievement certainly has provided a financial success opportunity for those ravagers of the public trust who feed at the taxpayer funded public trough. Enough already.
    Representative John Kowalko


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