Is Senate Bill 193 An Antidote To Priority Schools, A Social Impact Bond, or a WEIC Alternative?

Low-Income Schools, Senate Bill 193

This is a very interesting piece of legislation introduced today.  This is almost like an anti-priority schools bill.  Take the schools with the most economically disadvantaged students and offer grants to those schools at up to $1 million a year for three years.  It looks great, but I don’t recall seeing these funds in the budget.  So where are the funds coming from?  The bill only says the funds would be appropriated from the state.  It doesn’t specify if these funds would come from the general funds or what the source of revenue is for this.  If this is a social impact bond deal, I can’t support that.  I have many questions with this one.  The Joint Finance Committee slashed education proposals in the budget mark-up last week so why would legislators introduce a new bill that guarantees grant funding of $3 million by the Delaware DOE for the next three years beginning in August 15th of this year?  Unless…

Could this be a way of getting funding through in the event the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission redistricting plan doesn’t pass?  The devil is in the details on this one…

2 thoughts on “Is Senate Bill 193 An Antidote To Priority Schools, A Social Impact Bond, or a WEIC Alternative?

  1. Priority schools are a joke. Red Clay is losing one of the finest educators in the state because the behaviors are so bad at these schools. Warner in particular.

    People keep making excuses for the little hoodrats who put their hands on adults and other students.

    Suspensions aren’t given because they are trying to bullshit the God damn data to make the public think these priority schools are working. THEY ARE NOT! I wish I had the answer. Other than letting these little bastards kills each other like they do at Howard, there really is no solution. We keep avoiding making these kids responsible for their actions. We are doing nothing but creating a society of people who feel they are entitled to everything and that there are no consequences for their actions.

    What’s worse, John Carney will be the next governor, and his dumb ass doesn’t have any answers either. The next 4 years will be just more of the same Jack Markell bullshit.

    Delaware’s education system has gone to hell in a handbag, and we are going to just continue to burn. Some of these little shitheads are just ineducable, plain and simple.


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