How To Screw Over The Delaware DOE In One Fell Swoop

DPAS-II, Teacher Evaluations

Hell froze over!  A bill currently in circulation for sponsorship would give Delaware teachers a choice if they want the state assessment in their annual evaluation.  As well, it gives all components equal measurements.  This revelation came about yesterday at the DPAS-II Advisory Committee when State Rep. Earl Jaques whipped it out and showed the committee.  This is big folks!  Of course, a certain former Delaware DOE employee isn’t too happy about it but that’s what happens when you leave a “company”.  They dismantle all your work and try something else.  I’m sure we will hear more whining about this bill in the coming weeks from those who profited immensely from how DPAS-II is currently.

Teachers in Delaware will breathe a collective sigh of relief over this one if it passes.  Which is great for the teachers.  But this isn’t the best for students.  It still leaves the state assessment, Smarter Balanced, in play.  If teachers can have the option for it not counting, how about students?  If teachers can opt in, why not students?  Until then, I hope the students’ parents opt out!

I imagine the sponsors on this bill are looking ahead to November at this point.  Their prior history of courting favor with Governor Markell will cost them votes unless they take some radical action now.  The Markell education foundation is starting to crack and crumble.

This draft legislation was found at the blog linked above.  Along with a lot of crying and complaining.  Boo-friggin’-hoo!


3 thoughts on “How To Screw Over The Delaware DOE In One Fell Swoop

  1. Right now, Smarter Balanced is not used in teacher evaluations. It is to be used for “information purposes only”. (Which means it is used) Every year DOE wants to use the state test in teacher evals, but every year (so far) the teacher’s union has blocked it from actually happening.


    1. Someone might want to inform the DOE about this because it has certainly been used in the “school report card” and the recent special education label-warning scam the DOE just sent letters to dozens of schools about…


  2. If they are ever used, they will only be for math and ELA. Teacher of other subjects use tests in there teaching areas, example art teachers have an art test. We are the only state in the country that do this. Other states use a math test to evaluate art teachers. That makes no sense at all.


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