Walt Gardner Warns About Opt Out Backlash


Please read this article. And I’m specifically talking to Devon Hynson, Atnre Alleyne, PACE, Publius, the Delaware DOE, Governor Markell, Rodel, and the Delaware State Board of Education. And no, this does not mean I want you to break up the Smarter Balanced Assessment into little chunks at the end of units in a personalized learning/competency-based education digital environment geared to track students toward a pre-determined career based on these scores.

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Walt Gardner is an experienced educator who writes a blog in Education Week. In a Memorial Day post, he warns that the anti-testing movement is going too far, too fast, and is likely to generate a backlash. He argues that the public is entitled to know how schools are doing, and standardized tests provide them with information they want and need. He concludes that the tests should be better, more carefully vetted, and serve diagnostic purposes.

His concern is reasonable, but I don’t think he is fully cognizant of the reasons that so many parents have decided to opt out.

Let me run through a few of them and invite you to add others.

  1. The current tests have no diagnostic value. No one is allowed to see how specific children answered, what they got right or wrong, where they need extra help.
  2. No one is allowed to see the questions and…

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