The Charter School Swindle – Selling Segregation to Blacks and Latinos


This is THE blog post of the year. This IS what it is all about. This topic of race in education is coming up more and more. It’s important. We need to talk about it. While we don’t have the McCharters talked about in this article, I don’t think anyone could argue that charters have furthered segregation in Delaware. In fact, we have the exact opposite of what Mr. Singer is talking about in our biggest city: a charter school with 6% African-Americans and less than 1% students with disabilities. The ACLU filed a civil rights complaint a year and a half ago. The OCR got all the information a couple months later. Where is their report? It doesn’t take THAT long to see what is inherently wrong in some of our charters…


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 4.22.46 PM

Segregation now!


Higher suspension rates for black students!


Lower quality schools for Latinos!

These may sound like the campaign cries of George Wallace or Ross Barnett. But this isn’t the 1960s and it isn’t Alabama or Mississippi.

These are the cries of modern day charter school advocates – or they could be.

School choice boosters rarely if ever couch their support in these terms, but when touting charter schools over traditional public schools, this is exactly what they’re advocating.

According to the Civil Right Project at UCLA, “The charter school movement has been a major political success, but it has been a civil rights failure.”

It’s choice over equity.

Advocates have become so blinded by the idea of choice that they can’t see the poor quality of what’s being offered.

Because charter schools DO increase segregation. They DOsuspend children of color…

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