The Delaware Charter School Leak: To Good To Be True?

Bathroom Breaks

Sometimes I see or hear about stuff that is going on in Delaware schools that is just to good to be true.  When I ran across this one, I thought it must be a joke.  According to what these students had to say about this charter school in Dover it looks like this secret pipe has been unclogged!  According to the complaint against the Head of School at this charter, it isn’t just bathroom issues either!  If their complaints are true, there are some very serious issues going on there.  I’m sure any teacher can tell you students abuse going to the bathroom, but to limit that to once a day?  That seems a little abusive if this complaint has merit.  But the school, according to the complaint, will give special consideration if you have a doctor’s note.

The part about meals and what the head of school allegedly said to kids is more worrisome if it is true.  I would really hope it is not!  I don’t think we will see a Delaware DOE Formal Review coming out of this, but I hope someone looks at this very troublesome but maybe it is not issue!

8 thoughts on “The Delaware Charter School Leak: To Good To Be True?

    1. I can believe this. DHS used to do the same thing. I think this is wrong. You do not embarrass a child that needs to use the restroom. What happens if they have an accident? It does happen. It would be awful for a young woman on her period to be denied access to the restroom. Yep just let her walk around with her clothing a mess.


  1. That is not just Charter schools – It normally is a teacher choice. I have sub’ed in schools where a teacher left the 1 bathroom rule in her notes. That is maybe more common then you may think. I have never refused to allow a child going to the restroom but they were in several class rules left by teachers, and other teachers in the same building did not have the same rules.


  2. This is awful. How dare someone treat these children in such a way? If this were my child I would have been in this school so fast. If I was not satisfied with the response I would take this to the board. This is wrong. I hope the parents take a stand.


  3. A traditional public school special education team once decided that my daughter asked to use the bathroom to often. But, they didn’t tell us. They just stopped letting her go. We grew concerned at home when she started developing what appeared to be chronic UTI (she was in 3rd grade). A visit for neurology sent us to nephrology where we learned she had conjoined kidneys and the UTI symptoms were not a UTI problem at all. To keep the gory out – one kidney had work longer and harder to get the goods to the bladder so she was having more urges than she would if she had perfectly functional kidneys. And b/c she was denied the ability to empty her bladder at least every 3 hours, it had distended to near the point of no return (life-long incontinence was on the table.) So we notify and educate the school team, and at three month eval, there’s been no improvement. We changed schools as soon as the year ended and that made a huge improvement. Yrs later I ran into specialist from her first team who said that even after they got the documentation from the doctor it was really was task avoidance and the team was told to treat it as such.

    Good God! ACCESS to free WATER And BATHROOMS is a fundamental civil right!


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