What Has Patrick Wahl Done Now?

Brandywine School District, Patrick Wahl

Patrick Wahl has upped his video series from tackling the lawsuit he has against the Brandywine School District to attacking their referendum in his latest video.  Whether you agree with him or not, you can definitely say he has done his research!

You run for the local school board and you miss stuff like this!  Wow!

5 thoughts on “What Has Patrick Wahl Done Now?

  1. Kevin, I am a big fan of your blog, but I am disappointed you shared this. Parents, students, concerned community members, and BSD employees like me are working so hard to get this much needed referendum passed, and now we are facing the additional battle of having to correct the skewed and inaccurate information in this video. I sat next to Patrick Wahl lat night at the final town hall meeting BSD held to inform the public about the referendum. Even though I vehemently disagree with him on this and, frankly, almost every other political issue, he is a friend and I won’t distance myself from him as a person. Would you please also post BSD’s response to Mr. Wahl’s claims for the sake of balance? I can give you a link.


  2. It is very sad that this video is almost entirely inaccurate and misleading. I feel bad for what happened with his son, the school was wrong, but that should not impact the referendum. Plus this guy is flat out lying in some instances. And referencing DAP is outrageous.

    He says something like, “It’s true — the Brandywine School District takes all comers. So do other districts. The Christina School District has an entire school for the deaf and another school for the autistic. Brandywine has relatively few students with special challenges like these.”

    Clearly he does not realize that while these programs reside in CSD they are STATEwide programs. So the Brandywine School District children are likely going to this Statewide Program.

    This makes me so sad. Referendums are hard enough to get passed without someone who is upset choosing to lash out with some pretty outlandish lies.


  3. Good for you Patrick!!! They should not be allowed to have another vote, for a year! Same thing in the Christina SD, why waste the time of the voters, to have to keep coming out, it’s not fair. VOTE NO BRANDYWINE!


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