The Test Secrets Revealed……


Since I’m in Delaware, I couldn’t reveal my signed obligations… But someone in New Jersey can… And likewise, I can reveal questions off the PAARC in New Jersey, whereas no teacher in New Jersey can…..

And it is all legal.  Neither of us violated our signed statements.

Here is what every parent needs to know is on the PAARC for fourth grade.

On the Spring 2016 PARCC for 4th Graders, students were expected to read an excerpt from Shark Life: True Stories about Sharks and the Sea by Peter Benchley and Karen Wojtyla. According to Scholastic, this text is at an interest level for Grades 9-12, and at a 7th Grade reading level. The Lexile measure is 1020L, which is most often found in texts that are written for middle school, and according to Scholastic’s own conversion chart would be equivalent to a 6th grade benchmark around W, X…

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3 thoughts on “The Test Secrets Revealed……

  1. Oh no! Fourth graders are given a bit of sixth grade material! Call the whole thing off!

    Is the PARCC test designed to provide some “stretch” material?


    • For a smart kid who MIGHT be able to answer those, what about all the other kids? Why test on things they haven’t even learned yet? The only thing you will get is mass non-proficiency…oh wait, that’s what they want…


  2. Why does it matter if there are a few questions on there from the 6th grade level?

    Why don’t we just give them questions from 3rd grade so they all pass then? I’m not sure of your point here.


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