***UPDATED***Channel 6 ABC Action News Gives Information About Details In Amy Joyner-Francis Case

Amy Inita Joyner-Francis

According to Philadelphia’s Channel 6 ABC Action News, charges against three Howard High School of Technology students in Wilmington, DE could come as early as today in the death of Amy Joyner-Francis.  While not specifying who gave the information, only giving a description of a law enforcement veteran, Channel 6 wrote:

A law enforcement veteran close to the investigation says Joyner-Francis was thrown to the floor during the altercation, and stabbed repeatedly with pencils. Then the source says one of girls slammed her head into a sink.

Only one will be charged with the actual murder:

Sources tell Action News one of the female students will be charged with the actual killing of Joyner-Francis. The other two will be charged as accomplices.

Earlier reports surrounding the use of knives in the assault appear to be false based on this information.  Someone explained to me that if there are stab wounds they cannot administer CPR to a patient.  Which made me wonder about the validity of that information once I heard that.  Once the official information is released from the Wilmington Police Department, we will know what is real and what isn’t.

Updated, 5:41pm: Amy Cherry with WDEL announced earlier this afternoon a statement from Wilmington Police Dept. Chief Bobby Cummings.  No charges will be filed this week, and despite the information Channel 6 ABC news gave last night, they reiterated there were NO weapons used in the murder.  I’m not sure where a Philadelphia station is getting their information, but they may want to double-check that source!

9 thoughts on “***UPDATED***Channel 6 ABC Action News Gives Information About Details In Amy Joyner-Francis Case

  1. It is a damn shame that the girls involved in this brutal attack have still not been charged. I would hope that no one is trying to cover this up. My guess is that they are trying to do everything to the letter of the law so that whatever charges are filed, not only stick, but lead to a solid conviction.

    I’ve got to remain positive. All of the negative energy surrounding this case is toxic.


  2. It’s a tedious process and also a precarious situation. Trust that the DA and judicial system knows the gravity of the situation. No one will be completely satisfied once the charges are made public. I’ve followed this case intently, praying and hoping for the best regarding Amy’s mother, father and brother. I will never forget Amy she was a girl on the rise to see and be something special. I will take her memory and it will motivate me to be a,better person, live my life with good intent and pray to God that others are doing the same. Live your life with Purpose that’s how Amy lived.


  3. Those Girls Who Did This To Amy Is A Bunch Of Barbarians Who Have Committed Murder (Just So Senseles) Why Wasn’t They Thrown In Jail In The First Beginning? What Are You All Wating On? I Can imagine What Amy’s Parents, Her Family Is Going Through, People Are Hurt And Touched All Over The World Including Myself Because Of What Happened To An Innocent Child (Amy) Somebody Is Not Doing Their Job!!!!!!!! I Pray In The Name Of Jesus That God Will Intervene!!!


  4. This is another example of VICTIMS with no justice. It has been 2 weeks as of today. These scavengers should not be able to be home free. They are malicious and evil. How much more evidence do you need? You have the tape, you have them confessing. It seems like someone is covering up. I am familiar with this twisted law. This sends a very bad message to all of the other broken, unruly bullies. You can kill someone and get a slap on the wrist. These girls should be accountable and made an example out of. The school is just as bad. They had the nerve to say that they were suspended. What about EXPELLED??? A suspension is like a vacation to these girls. They are already on Social Media bragging about it. It makes me sick. I have not been right since this incident. In order to see change. You have to make change. Stop making excuses and do what is right. Give the family some closure and peace that at least there loved one got JUSTCE. Lock those animals away and throw away the key.


    1. Seem And Sound Like A Bunch Of Barbarians Who Plotted This, They Don’t Show No Kind Of (Sorry They Did This) For Amy Nor Her Parents, Nor Her Family!!! I Pray God Will Give Her Family Strength And God Will!!!

      Make Sure They Get Evaluated Sounds Like A Case Of Cold Hearted Psychopaths On The Loose!!!


  5. God’s Word Say “The Heart Of Many Shall Wax Cold” Those Barbarians Are Still Loose While An Innocent Girl Is Dead, (So So…Senseless) You All Are Not Showing No Kind Of Sympathy For Her Nor Her Family, I Said It And I Will Say It Again Somebody Is Not Doing Their Job This Looks So So Bad Not To Have Those Barbarians Locked Up!!!!!


  6. I am from California and those females would have been detained at the school and hauled off to jail pending the investigaton. I am devastated that a beautiful young lady was murdered with such hatred. Anyone can see the hatred in the eyes of the individual captured social media footage as the monster beat the life from that beautiful young lady.

    Such premeditated adult acts were presented. All individuals involved should be prosecuted as Adults. After all the monster isnt losing any sleep so quoted. It appears parenting failed these monsters. Parents of these individuals where are you? A young beautiful lady was murdered at the hands of your monster children. Your children committed this horindous crime and boast on social media networks? They were suspended from school why did they have access to their cellular phones? No parental supervision. What an embarrassment. What heartless monsters to post such hatred.
    I was baffled at the comment,

    No weapons were used during the altercation, on the contrary any object used with deadly force is a weapon. The deadly force these monsters used to stab the beautiful young lady with a pencil portrayed deadly hatred. A thought are any of these monsters related to the police? The public is at risk living amongst these individuals.

    It is apparent from the choice of verbaige used these individuals werent at the top of there class.

    The individual Ms. Wilson who perjured herself on nationwide news stating she was in a stall utilizing the bathroom, should have consequences for her involvement as well. Not only was she involved, Im sure she watched and have video footage of the entire attack because by any means was this an altercation as the media/police stated. Ms. Wilson was attempting to cover for her monster friends. Why would she deliberately commit perjury and state the beautiful young lady hit her head on the sink knowing she observed the beautiful young lady head slammed againt the sink repeatedly? Not very bright, using force of that magnitude can always be justified through forensics. My oberservation of Ms. Wilson during her interview, a follower deamnor.

    Yes all individuals are innocent until proven guilty, but individuals plotted and acted, this is an example premeditation at it best.

    In last few years there has been many campaigns relating to Bullying. Now its time for Congress to address reality by initiation of a bill paased to a law to address these bullying acts. Please let justice be served. Shame on you DE for allowing these monsters to think they have gotten away with Murder.

    Peace to the Joyner family!


  7. I agree how could they allow them to walk free.they are cold blooded murderers.what about the Justice for her and her family well we all have to stand before God.


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