When Angels are Bystanders


Urgency of Now

My soul weeps and shudders in shame

To know that she was hoping for an angel who never came.

To know that if they dared droves of angels could’ve swooped in

But only if they cared for life more than they cared for groupthink.

Celestial beings who missed the moment their glorious wings were about to sprout

Because they lost their focus on purpose and courage for standing out.

Instead, the angels sought better angles to witness a tragedy unfold;

It’s a travesty they couldn’t see the stage was set for the majesty of bold.

So many angels whose sturdy shoulders were supposed to be an anchor

But they’re unstable, steeped in politics, arguments, and rancor.

Too many angels are out of commission in the system;

They forgot their mission was to serve and to listen.

Now we’re living with these sins of omission

Of all the heavenly stewards so…

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