Should Criminal Charges Be Filed Against Those Who Watched Amy’s Assault?

We see it all the time.  Video footage surfaces of fights, in and out of schools.  They are all over social media.  While this can be used as evidence in a criminal investigation, it also glorifies the actual fighting.  Last week, Amy Joyner-Francis died from blunt force trauma to her head.  While this has not been labeled as the “official cause of death” pending an autopsy, my hunch is it will be.  Several students filmed the fight and watched.  They did not intervene.  Many of them cheered it on and formed a blockade so adults couldn’t get in to the bathroom at Howard High School of Technology.  Many feel they should be charged as well.  While they didn’t commit the act, they also did nothing that could have stopped it.  As well, should schools act on these issues if the justice system does not?  Please take the below poll and feel free to comment on this thread.  There will be many different opinions so let’s keep it civil!  If you vote “Other” please put what punishment or non-punishment you think they should get.

5 thoughts on “Should Criminal Charges Be Filed Against Those Who Watched Amy’s Assault?

  1. They should be charged as well
    Maybe not manslaughter
    But for intention to murder
    They all witness to what was happening even after the poor girl was hurt bad and they still stood around recording and thought it was funny
    I don’t feel any of them feel sorry I think they are sorry they got caught
    I hope everyone in that bathroom is brong forward and gets some kind of consequences and Amy gets justice
    She really didn’t have to go like this
    All she wanted to do was make peace
    School has to be more aware of these issues and take faster and more better actions towards these bullying cases


  2. I feel like they should be charged ! They are just as guilty as the girls who were fighting . They had the opportunity to stop that girls death and they didn’t ! Just sick !


  3. Yes. All of the girls who were laughing and taping that horrific moment should be charged. They are just as bad as the girls who physically committed the crime.

    This generation is so lost. The law is so twisted. This young lady LOST her life over nothing. There are to many excuses and no accountability. This shows all the other broken , angry unruly girls that it is ok to jump and beat someone to death. I can’t believe this school had the nerve to use the word suspended. What about expelled? It has been 1 week and no charges have been filed. I hope that they get murder 1. I hope they are charged as an adult. They did a adult crime. They should have to do adult time. Also the girls who chose to videotape instead of helping should be held accountable and charged. It’s unfortunate that this young ladies tragedy had to WAKE People Up. Amy’s parents can’t hug and hold her. The girls who committed this CRIME should not be able to text, social media or any other privilege. Let’s not say That is a shame. Don’t let this be just another story that fades. Let’smake a stand to have some justice for not just Amy but our precious babies. I have been crying everyday over this situation. My prayers and thoughts go out to the family. God’s wrath will be the only thing that counts. RIP AMY


  4. I Think Charges Should Be Filed Also Because If Somebody Or Somebodies Would Have intervened, And If Somebody Would Have Screamed As Loud As They Could Amy Would Be Alive Today That Goes To Show That The Students Who Stood There And Watched Are Just As Wicked And Devious Too, They Had No Love Nor Compassion For Amy, So Sad But Its True #JUSTICEFORAMY#


  5. I Don’t Believe Everything I Hear Nor Read But Something Is Not Right About This Case, The Girl That Was On The News Said “Amy Hit Her Head On The Sink” Something Is Just Not Right About That, God Is Going To Let The Truth Come Out And I Pray He Will And He Is, Those Barbarians Caused Very Serious Injuries To Amy That Caused Her To Die, I Didn’t Know Amy But Seems Like I Did Because I Have Children Of My Own And My Mom Passed Away In October Of 2015 Her Name Was “Amy” Iam Still Grieving Over My Mom And She Was 91, Iam Angry, Touched, And Hurt About What Happened To Amy Joyner Francis It Was Too Senseless, Amy’s Soul “Life” Was So Vaulable A Price Tag Couldn’t Be Put On It And Those Barbarians Are Loose If Anyone Had Any Compassion For Amy And Her Family Those Barbarians Would Be Locked Up For MURDER #JUSTICEFORAMY# And One More Thing I Do Believe Amy Was A Peacemaker!!!


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