Local Teachers Tell Truth about “Personalized Learning”

Emily Talmage Blog

Five years ago, the Maine Coalition for Excellence in Education (now called Educate Maine) sent a copy of Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning” to all superintendents in the state.

The book-lengthsales pitch was purchased with funding from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation as part of its lobbying campaign for Maine’s proficiency-based diploma mandate.

In Auburn, Superintendent Katy Grondin urged all citizens in her community to also read the book.Grondin’s school district had recently partnered with the Gates and Nellie Mae-funded Reinventing Schools Coalition (RISC), becoming one of a handful of districts around the country at Ground Zero for what is now a nationwide push toward the experimental, profit-driven model of education known more commonly as “personalized” learning.

As part of the district reforms, students in Auburn received iPads, and teachers, monitored closely by the Marzano teacher evaluation system, were encouraged to upload, administer, and track lessons and assessments…

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