Tragedy Strikes Howard High School In Wilmington As Female Student Dies From Head Injuries In Fight

Howard High School

A teenage girl at Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington, Delaware died this morning due to head injuries from an assault by several female students in a bathroom.  The News Journal is reporting an incredibly tragic story coming out of Howard High School in Wilmington.  Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams and the Wilmington Police Department have confirmed the student passed away.  The News Journal reported she was flown to A.I. DuPont Hospital. I’m hearing the victim and another girl were fighting in the bathroom when one or more other girls jumped her and physically assaulted the student in a bathroom.  The girls slammed her head on a sink.  I’m also hearing students have been dismissed for the day.  Please pray for this student, her family and friends, and the entire community at Howard High School in Wilmington.  It goes without saying, these things should never happen.

At 11:27am, the News Journal article has been updated with this comment from Wilmington Police:

Detectives from the homicide and violent crimes unit are interviewing multiple students who are considered persons of interest in the assault, according to a source close to the investigation. Police said they do not believe anyone outside the school was involved.

Howard High School of Technology is scheduled to have a Wilmington mayoral debate this evening, but no word as of yet if this will be postponed or moved to another location.  The debate is, ironically, about safety… Updated, 12:06pm: The debate is canceled.

A source in Wilmington has reported this has been an ongoing issue at Howard with very lax control.  Fights break out frequently and many go unreported.  The school has one School Resource Officer assigned from the Wilmington Police Department.  Our children need to feel safe in our schools.  Something needs to change NOW!

Channel 6 ABC News out of Philadelphia

Updated, 12:07pm: The News Journal updated their article with this comment from New Castle County Vo-Tech Superintendent Vicki Gehrt:

Superintendent Victoria Gehrt said the death of the sophomore at Howard High does not reflect negatively on the safety in the school.

Are you out of your mind Ms. Gehrt?  A student died in one of your schools and you have the gall, just hours after her death, to say this?  I’m sure the parents or guardians of this student would disagree with you.  Wake up!

Updated, 5:00pm:

The News Journal article has been updated again, this time with a startling picture of how often fighting goes on at this school:

Last year seven violent felonies were reported at the school, as well as 14 incidents of fighting/disorderly conduct, according to data from the state Department of Education.  While only 10 violent felonies have been reported at Howard in the past five years, there have been 127 incidents of fighting/disorderly conduct, not to mention bullying, inappropriate or terroristic touching and sexual assault.

Please tell us again how safe this school is Dr. Gehrt.

Updated, 5:20pm:

A website called seems to have some of the details of the incident I reported this morning concerning how this student sustained the head injury from the fight.  The article has printed the name of the student, but out of respect for her family I will not report it on here.  We can try to find reason for this senseless tragedy but nothing will change what this girl’s family is going through and a life snuffed out way too young…

Updated, 5:38pm: is reporting several students are reporting on social media that students filmed the fight on their cell phones but did not intervene.  That is disgusting if it is true.

There are no words…

10 thoughts on “Tragedy Strikes Howard High School In Wilmington As Female Student Dies From Head Injuries In Fight

  1. this article is incorrect the girls that assaulted the girl in the bathroom where also attending Howard High School they where 10th graders


    1. Really Laura? You don’t think it was tragic for every single student to have a student die at their school today? It is beyond tragic for this poor girl’s family. Show some sensitivity please.


    2. Laura, did tragedy strike Ferguson, MO, or just Michale Brown and his family? Did tragedy strike the U.S. on 9-11-01, or just the people that died and their families? Now whose the dimwit?


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