Brandywine Threatens $8 Million In Cuts If Referendum Doesn’t Pass, 40 Teachers At Risk Of Losing Jobs

Brandywine School District

Yossi Goldstein with WDEL broke the news this morning concerning the Brandywine School District’s cuts they will have to make if their second referendum attempt this year does not pass on May 17th.  The district did not include the new turf costs in this referendum attempt.  Dr. Mark Holodick, the Brandywine Superintendent, laid down the potential areas where costs would occur at their board meeting last night.  While the below doomsday scenario doesn’t give exact amounts for each area or how definitive the cuts would be, he did estimate 40 teacher positions would be cut resulting in larger classroom sizes.

Brandywine is part of the BRInC Consortium which is a collection of several Delaware school districts who share a blended learning program, combining digital learning and actual instruction.  The report did mention the district’s “Instructional Technology Plan initiative”.  There was no mention of pending legal costs for the lawsuit filed by Patrick Wahl against the district which has received a great deal of media attention the past couple months.

Last month, both the Christina and Cape Henlopen School Districts passed their referendums, but Brandywine did not.


4 thoughts on “Brandywine Threatens $8 Million In Cuts If Referendum Doesn’t Pass, 40 Teachers At Risk Of Losing Jobs

  1. This really pisses me off… They start talking about laying teachers off, but where in their freakin wisdom do they mention laying off the 6 figure salaried administrators???

    The teachers are the ones on the front line, not the administrators. Typical administrative bullshit.


    1. You’re kidding me, right? The first two bullet points on the “cost containment” slide say “administrators.” Did you not even look before you spewed your nonsense post?


  2. The system needs to be fixed and that starts at the top, the current administration of elected officials! It should not be forced on the backs of the tax payers; like it was for Christina. That should not have passed!!!

    Vote NO for the Brandywine school tax increase, let them make the tough decision and get rid of the fat at the top!!


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