A Test Pep Rally at a New York Elementary School

Diane Ravitch's blog

This video was posted on YouTube. It shows a pep rally to prepare children for 4, 6, even 8 hours of testing. The school is in an urban district, not Néw York City.

I wonder if the teachers know that the test was designed to “fail” the majority of children? Every year these Common Core tests have been administered, 65-70% of the children “failed.”

They didn’t fail because they are dumb or their teachers are ineffective, but because the test makers aligned the passing mark with NAEP “proficient,” which is out of reach for most children. The NAEP scores of American students have been reported state-by-state by “achievement levels” since 1992. No state but Massachusetts has had as much as 50% of students reach NAEP proficient. In other states, 30-40% of students have registered scores that reach NAEP proficient. This reflects 25 years of NAEP testing.

The children pouring…

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