Meghan Wallace Is Governor Markell’s New Education Policy Advisor


Governor Markell picked a new Education Policy Advisor.  This was announced today by State Rep. Earl Jaques at the House Education Committee.  Markell’s former Education Policy Advisor, Lindsay O’Mara, recently left the position and is now at the United States Department of Education.

Wallace’s background with education is quite extensive.  She attended the University of Delaware receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science concentrating on Women’s Studies.  At George Mason University, she attained a Masters Degree in education concentrating on special education.  During her time at George Mason, she also taught special education in D.C.  Since May of 2013, she was a legislative aide at Legislative Hall, serving State Representatives such as Kim Williams, Earl Jaques, and Helene Keeley.

Wallace will serve as the Governor’s Education Policy Advisor until the end of his second term in January of 2017.  Initial sources who wished to remain anonymous had informed me the position would be divvied up among different Delaware Department of Education employees, but it looks like Governor Markell may have changed his mind.

Wallace also served on the Wilmington Education Advisory Committee, the precursor to the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission.  Legislative Aides can and do move up in Delaware Government.  Former legislative aide David Bentz was elected as a State Representative last fall when State Rep. Michael Barbieri stepped down.

Congratulations to Meghan Wallace.  I have met her quite a few times and she is very personable and intelligent.

9 thoughts on “Meghan Wallace Is Governor Markell’s New Education Policy Advisor

  1. Her trajectory looks like a typical TFAer- little to no classroom experience & an insider pipeline to higher positions she knows nothing about- especially SPED.


  2. I only met Meghan once but let me tell you that she is VERY intelligent and gets Special Ed completely. When I met her it was a meeting about special education students in my district and she knew exactly what I meant, how I felt and what should be done. I have faith in her even if I don’t have faith in her new boss. Would like to see her stay on in the new administration if possible.


  3. Wallace’s background with education is quite extensive. At age 25, the word “extensive” does not belong in any sentence associated with her.


    • The education policy advisor does not run the DOE. From what I have seen of this position, they spend a lot of time at Legislative Hall and making sure the Governor’s policies are implemented in the education arena. Given Meghan Wallace’s background at Legislative Hall coupled with her education experience, I would say she is qualified for this position. But I in no way whatsoever agree with most of the Governor’s policies on education.


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