The transition flight.  The journey.  The lost hours.  In the sky we lose ourselves.  Nowhere to run and nowhere to return.  Let go or hold on?

We all have something in our life we wanted so much.  For some, they get what they want.  Others, sadly, never get it.  But what happens if you almost reach it, and let it go?  Many face this decision in their lifetimes.  I faced it once.  While I won’t go into details, it’s important to know that it changes you, the core of who you are.  We all deal with the choices we make.  Every single second of every single day.  We need to be mindful of how we make them and the reasons why.  What appears to be good on the surface, in the short-term, may not play out as well in the long run.  The unintended consequence of regret can haunt you forever.

Life does go on and new days come, but we never forget.  You can make peace with it and move on, or you can let it swallow you whole.  Bravery is one thing, but courage lasts a lifetime.  Sometimes the best decisions are those made of courage.  Knowing that staying the course would result in pain for all.  The impossible choices.  And all you are left with, is 28RA…



Published by

Kevin Ohlandt

I am a proud parent of a son with Tourette's Syndrome and several other co-morbidities. I write on this blog to educate other parents so they know a bit more about not only special education, but all the really bad things that are happening with public schools in Delaware and the USA. We are all in this together, and if our children aren't able to advocate for themselves it's up to us parents! We need to stop letting companies run our schools, and demand our children get a proper education. Our Departments of Education in our states have become weak with fear from the bullying US DOE, and we need to take back our schools!

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