My Thoughts On The WEAC Report: Charter Love & Not Enough For Special Needs Students

I wrote this 10 1/2 months ago when the Wilmington Education Advisory Committee came out with their book. Like I said then, not enough for students with disabilities. Not enough to address the very transparent cherry-picking and preferential treatment charters get. Nothing has changed with any of this, so please tell me, if I didn’t fully support it then, and the costs have gone up and more will be given to Wilmington and the districts around it at the expense of the rest of the state, why should I support it now?

Exceptional Delaware

Having read the entire Wilmington Education Advisory Committee’s Final Report, I’m left with more questions than answers.  Going into this, I did not expect the report to solve all the education problems in Delaware, let alone Wilmington.  The report has lots of data and many letters from the usual groups involved in education in Delaware.

My first impression: This report fails to recognize the damaging effect charter schools have on traditional school districts.  Funding has been stripped from school districts while charters have mostly been allowed to flourish not only with state and local funds, but also numerous donations by companies such as The Longwood Foundation and Innovative Schools.

One thing I was happy to see was this:

“Converting all Wilmington schools to charter schools authorized by a newly created Wilmington Charter District is neither desirable on educational grounds nor practical on political grounds.  Charter schools are playing a central…

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