Earl Jaques And His “Told Ya” Sneer After The Vote… A Pathetic Man Most Of All…

DE State Rep. Earl Jaques


I’m going to write something good about Delaware State Rep. Earl Jaques…

Okay, I’m drawing a blank here…

Earl Jacques is a problem.  Plain and simple.  He just reeks of treachery and arrogance.  He was feeling very high and mighty after the House Bill 50 suspension of rules vote the other day.  So much so that he looked over at Yvonne Johnson and Dr. Teri Hodges with the Delaware PTA, had his big cheesy smile, and said “Told ya.”

I really can’t stand this guy.  Can someone, anyone, please run against this guy?  He told me last year he wasn’t going to run again, but I trust him as much as I’d trust the DOE.  I don’t care if you are Republican, Democrat, or Independent.  But please run against him.  I think you would get A LOT of support!

2 thoughts on “Earl Jaques And His “Told Ya” Sneer After The Vote… A Pathetic Man Most Of All…

  1. My thoughts today exactly, Kevin. Earl Jaques needs to be removed from the legislature, voluntarily or otherwise. He is an obstacle to strengthening public education.


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