What is “The Delaware Way”?


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What is “The Delaware Way”?

This is a question I have pondered for quite some time, though more intentionally lately than in the past. I finally broke down and typed the question into Google, and I read through several bits and pieces of articles where that phrase was used. Fascinatingly, the best, most concise definition I found was in a Delaware Online article from 2014, wherein former Delaware Supreme Court Chief E. Norman Veasey explained that the phrase should mean, “the good Delaware practice of seeking a “civilized, bipartisan approach for finding solutions to the State’s business and political problems”.”

What fascinated me about that was, earlier in the same paragraph, Veasey acknowledged that the phrase is more commonly used to describe Delaware’s “pay-to-play” type of political maneuvering, wherein gifts are given in exchange for legislative action…or inaction. In yet another 2014 Delaware Online article, former DNREC head Collin…

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Earl Jaques And His “Told Ya” Sneer After The Vote… A Pathetic Man Most Of All…

DE State Rep. Earl Jaques


I’m going to write something good about Delaware State Rep. Earl Jaques…

Okay, I’m drawing a blank here…

Earl Jacques is a problem.  Plain and simple.  He just reeks of treachery and arrogance.  He was feeling very high and mighty after the House Bill 50 suspension of rules vote the other day.  So much so that he looked over at Yvonne Johnson and Dr. Teri Hodges with the Delaware PTA, had his big cheesy smile, and said “Told ya.”

I really can’t stand this guy.  Can someone, anyone, please run against this guy?  He told me last year he wasn’t going to run again, but I trust him as much as I’d trust the DOE.  I don’t care if you are Republican, Democrat, or Independent.  But please run against him.  I think you would get A LOT of support!

State Board of Education Grills WEIC At Public Meeting W/Them Present But Doesn’t Engage Them…

Delaware State Board of Education, Wilmington Education Improvement Commission

Last Monday, the Delaware State Board of Education had a workshop to discuss the Wilmington Education Improvement Plan.  Even though some of the higher-up members of the Commission were actually there, the State Board refused to directly ask any of them questions.  There was no public comment at this public meeting.  Instead they crafted a very long letter to WEIC.  Below are the questions, some of which I view to be valid, but others are clearly written into the plan.  As well, their responses are below.  The State Board of Education will vote on the redistricting plan on Thursday, January 21st.  The meeting starts at 9am, which is earlier than usual due to Governor Markell’s State of the State Address.  No public comment can be given at their meeting due to it being an action item based on their rules.