Delaware School Rankings By High School, Middle School, Elementary, Best Teachers & More

Delaware Schools,, School Rankings released their 2016 Best Schools and Districts ranking the other day.  Delaware schools and districts were included in the rankings, but it really wasn’t anything to brag about compared to the rest of America.  But one Delaware high school was ranked 29th for the best high schools in America.  I’m sure it won’t take a rocket scientist for many readers to figure out which one that was and how it got to be on the top!  But listed below are all the district, high school, middle school, elementary, and private high school rankings.  Where is your child’s school on here?

The Charter School of Wilmington was rated the #3 best charter high school in America, and was 29th on the list of best overall high schools in the country.  For all of Governor Markell’s talk about “college and career readiness”, only one Delaware high school made the top 100 list in “college and career readiness” with Charter School of Wilmington coming in 47th place.  The school did slightly better as the lone Delaware entrance on the top 100 “best academics” list.

In looking at their list of top high schools, I recognized a lot of names due to growing up in the suburbs of New York City.  Many of these schools are in very wealthy areas.  When combining these factors with Delaware’s rankings, it is very easy to surmise much of what makes up “great schools” has more to do with socioeconomics than anything else.  I don’t give these kinds of list much personal weight, but others do.

The website gives rankings by state, which I will focus on from here on out:


  1. Caesar Rodney
  2. Red Clay Consolidated
  3. Appoquinimink
  4. Cape Henlopen
  5. Delmar
  6. Indian River
  7. Brandywine
  8. Milford
  9. Colonial
  10. Capital
  11. Smyrna
  12. Lake Forest
  13. Christina
  14. Woodbridge
  15. Laurel
  16. Seaford


  1. Charter School of Wilmington
  2. Sussex Technical
  3. Cab Calloway School of the Arts
  4. St. Georges Technical
  5. Conrad Schools of Science
  6. Polytech
  7. Delaware Military Academy
  8. Appoquinimink
  9. Caesar Rodney
  10. Middletown
  11. Cape Henlopen
  12. Concord
  13. A.I. DuPont
  14. Hodgson Vocational Technical
  15. Delmar
  16. Indian River
  17. Delcastle Technical
  18. Howard High School of Technology
  19. Newark
  20. Mount Pleasant
  21. Brandywine
  22. John S. Charlton School
  23. Sussex Central
  24. John Dickinson
  25. Milford
  26. Dover
  27. William Penn
  28. Smyrna
  29. Thomas McKean
  30. Woodbridge
  31. Lake Forest
  32. Glasgow
  33. Laurel
  34. Positive Outcomes Charter School
  35. Seaford
  36. Christiana
  37. Maurice J. Moyer Academy


  1. Sussex Academy of Arts and Sciences
  2. Dover Air Force Base
  3. Beacon
  4. Skyline
  5. Fred Fifer
  6. Everett Meredith
  7. Louis L. Redding
  8. Alfred G. Waters
  9. Postelthwait
  10. H.B. DuPont
  11. Mariner
  12. Georgetown
  13. Springer
  14. Stanton
  15. Selbyville
  16. Delmar
  17. Millsboro
  18. Pierre S. DuPont
  19. Talley
  20. Milford Central Academy
  21. A.I. DuPont
  22. W.T. Chipman
  23. John Bassett
  24. Smyrna
  25. Gunning Bedford
  26. George Read
  27. Shue-Medill
  28. George B. Kirk
  29. William Henry
  30. Gauger-Cobbs
  31. Central
  32. Calvin R. McCullough
  33. Phillis Wheatley
  34. Seaford
  35. Prestige Academy
  36. Bayard


  1. Newark Charter School
  2. Odyssey Charter School
  3. MOT Charter School
  4. Nellie Stokes
  5. Linden Hill
  6. North Star
  7. Rehoboth
  8. Star Hill
  9. Allen Frear
  10. Brandywine Springs
  11. Welch
  12. Olive B. Loss
  13. W.B. Simpson
  14. Shields
  15. Clayton
  16. East Millsboro
  17. Milton
  18. Bunker Hill
  19. Lombardy
  20. Heritage
  21. Silver Lake
  22. Brick Mill
  23. Forest Oak
  24. Banneker
  25. Cedar Lane
  26. Old State
  27. Long Neck
  28. W. Reilly Brown
  29. Claymont
  30. Mount Pleasant
  31. Showell
  32. Lake Forest North
  33. Richey
  34. Southern Delaware School of the Arts
  35. Lord Baltimore
  36. Georgetown
  37. Kuumba Academy
  38. Lancashire
  39. Hanby
  40. Mote
  41. Ross
  42. North Dover
  43. Mispillion
  44. Brittingham
  45. Providence Creek Academy
  46. Forwood
  47. Carrcroft
  48. North Georgetown
  49. Lake Forest South
  50. Maple Lane
  51. Thurgood Marshall
  52. Academy of Dover
  53. Lake Forest East
  54. Sunnyside
  55. Hartly
  56. Booker T. Washington
  57. Wilbur
  58. Clayton
  59. Keene
  60. Marbrook
  61. Downes
  62. Southern
  63. West Park Place
  64. Wilmington Manor
  65. Lake Forest Central
  66. Carrie Downie
  67. Richardson Park
  68. Etta J. Wilson
  69. Woodbridge
  70. Maclary
  71. Pleasantville
  72. Gallaher
  73. Baltz
  74. Highlands
  75. Smyrna
  76. Lewis Dual Language
  77. Seaford Central
  78. Jennie E. Smith
  79. McVey
  80. Shortlidge
  81. Fairview
  82. South Dover
  83. Brader
  84. Castle Hills
  85. Warner
  86. North Smyrna
  87. Brookside
  88. Harlan
  89. Towne Point
  90. East Dover
  91. Albert H. Jones
  92. Leasure
  93. Elbert-Palmer
  94. North Laurel
  95. East Side Charter School
  96. Thomas Edison Charter School
  97. Eisenberg
  98. Blades
  99. Oberle
  100. Richardson Park Learning Center


  1. Cape Henlopen
  2. Appoquinimink
  3. Caesar Rodney
  4. Red Clay Consolidated
  5. Delmar
  6. Brandywine
  7. Indian River
  8. Smyrna
  9. Lake Forest
  10. Colonial
  11. Milford
  12. Capital
  13. Woodbridge
  14. Laurel
  15. Seaford
  16. Christina

For magnet schools, Cab Calloway came in at #78 on their top 100 national list and was the only Delaware magnet to make that list.


  1. St. Andrews
  2. Wilmington Friends School
  3. Tower Hill
  4. Caravel Academy
  5. Tall Oaks Classical
  6. Archmere
  7. The Tatnall School
  8. Sanford
  9. Concord Christian Academy
  10. Fairwinds Christian
  11. Aquinas Academy
  12. St. Elizabeth
  13. Calvary Christian Academy
  14. Salesianum
  15. Ursuline Academy
  16. Delmarva Christian
  17. Red Lion Christian Academy
  18. St. Mark’s
  19. St. Thomas More Preparatory
  20. Padua Academy
  21. Wilmington Christian

These lists appear to be somewhat misleading.  Omitted are several Delaware charter schools: Academia Antonia Alonso, Campus Community, Delaware Academy of Public Safety & Security, Delaware College Prep, Early College High School, Family Foundations Academy, First State Montessori Academy, Gateway Lab School, Las Americas Aspira Academy and Reach Academy for Girls.  Of course, the charters that opened this school year would not be eligible for a list like this without a lot of available data.  And for a school like Newark Charter School, why is it listed only as an elementary school and not a middle school as well?

To see how figures all this out, see their ranking methodology from their website.

7 thoughts on “ Delaware School Rankings By High School, Middle School, Elementary, Best Teachers & More

  1. Well, I suppose Charter S of Wilmington has done such a bang-up job producing the college and career ready students that the state’s employers need so that DuPont must be laying off jobs that aren’t STEM related.


  2. Christina’s Early education center didn’t even make the list even though they were the first of its kind to ever get a 5 star rating?
    This list is a tad biased


    1. I have heard from many people that this list has some very bizarre omissions. I have no clue what they go by, how they get their information, or how they truly form their calculations. I would look at this as a very subjective list and not give it a true indicator of school rankings. If even 25% of this is based on standardized test scores, that throws the whole thing into question in my opinion.


  3. Gonenor Markell is a joke! He has the gall to state on this very website hat he s cutting expenses in schools. This Govenor doesn’t even have the grass cut lomg our state! highways! It never used to ne that way. What is he dig with the money? He should be ashamed of himself..but he could care less! When will someone in this country admit that the education system is broken! with every generation that goes by, the worse education they can look it up! These kids in school today get a worse public school education than their parents..and a very small percentage of their grandparents and those before them. The truth is that most people just plain don’t care, thus you are seeing the demise of America. Many factors enter into this dilemma. I saw where 60 % od High school graduates could not point out Colorado on a U.S. map! 4th graders learned this in the past in geography, which is hardly touched on in schools now. Most can’t make change at the register without the register showing the amount of chamge to give to the customer! Our country is ranked 30th in the world..totally unheard of! Schools need to go back to what some crow and do it for our kids and country.


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